November 23, 2020


The weather... cloudy and 36 degrees. 

Reading... Fortune and Glory, Tantalizing Twenty-Seven by Janet Evanovich.

Waiting on... still those accursed Covid tests results for our daughter and her husband. Praying and hoping today is the day, but we've heard test results are taking longer to get because of the sheer volume of tests being given right now.

***UPDATE*** The results are in. NEGATIVE!! Thank you, Lord!

The weekend... nothing exciting because staying mostly at home. Sunday was rainy off and on and the wind was ridiculous. Still, we managed to get the inflatable decorations up and bring the tree in from the shed.

Today... cleaning and organizing ahead of the decorating. Finishing up the outside lights tonight.

Daisy freshly groomed and sporting her "Gobble till you wobble" bandana. She says it's Thanksgiving week...give yourself over to being thankful!


  1. Thank God for those negative results! While at Bible study this morning I snuck a peek at my phone; and when I read this, I did a mental fist-pump. Daisy looks like she's asking, "Do I look beautiful?" Why, yes. Yes, you do, sweet girl. :)

  2. So glad to hear the test were negative!! Now you can enjoy your Thanksgiving! My Sunday Stealing is all about Thanksgiving. There are pictures of me in my youth. See is you can guess which girl is me. Also a picture of my furbaby's birthday. Daisy looks cute with her bandana.

  3. Daisy is so cute. I love dogs.
    Hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  4. Hey cutie Daisy!
    I'm glad the tests were negative - what a relief!

  5. Daisy looks so fresh and ready for Turkey Day. So glad you family got negative Covid tests. Stay well!

  6. Glad you got the negatives on the Covid tests.

  7. Praise God for the negative results! Now you can enjoy your Thanksgiving without fear. Take care and don't over do it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Daisy looks adorable! Praise God or the negative COVID results!! Hooray! I just ordered the new Stephanie book and will read it when I finish the Cozy Mystery I just started. On to Thanksgiving!


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