July 11, 2020

Saturday 9: 77 Sunset Strip

Joining in with Sam and the gang at the Saturday 9 for a little musical fun on the weekend.

Saturday 9: 77 Sunset Strip (1958)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) 77 Sunset Strip was one of TV's early hits, running for six seasons. Before this morning, were you familiar with this show?  Not familiar, but I was aware of it. My mom was a fan and as a kid I listened to her 45 of Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb).

2) The show's jazzy theme is punctuated by finger snaps. When you snap your fingers, is the left-handed snap as loud as your right-handed snap?  It's louder.

3) The show revolved around Bailey and Spencer Investigations. Stu Bailey and Jeff Spencer were among TV first "private eyes." Who is your all-time favorite TV PI?  I loved Pierce Brosnan on Remmington Steel and Bruce Willis on Moonlighting.

4) Their office had "a fancy label," meaning an attractive address, on Los Angeles' Sunset Blvd. Tell us about the prestige area of your neighborhood. My neighborhood doesn't have one. We're solidly, working class, blue-collar folk. Now, my town has several more upscale areas, but the most prestigeous area is probably the area directly around the country club...Arnold Palmer owned the club and his home is near it.

5) Next door was Dino's Lodge, the real-life restaurant and bar owned by entertainer Dean Martin. Are you a Dean Martin fan?  Yep. I've always like him. His song Everybody Loves Somebody was the #1 song the week I was born in 1964.

6) The valet at Dino's was Kookie. He was known for his perfect hair, his slang ("ginchy" meant cool, "germsville" was the hospital, "a dark seven" was a bad week) and his desire to someday be a private investigator, like Stu and Jeff. Do you think you'd be a good detective?  Actually, I do think I'd do okay at it. I tend to be very intuitive.

7) Stu and Jeff had a loyal secretary named Suzanne, played by French actress Jacqueline Beer. In real life, she was married to adventurer Thor Heyerdahl, who famously traveled from Peru to French Polynesia by raft. Does 100 days on a raft, sailing the south seas, sound fascinating to you?  No. It sounds like a miserable time...if we are speaking of a raft in the truest sense of a raft.

8) Clint Eastwood was a fan of the show and, in the 1990s, tried unsuccessfully to bring 77 Sunset Strip back. Is there a show from the past you'd like to see "rebooted?"  The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Laverne & Shirley, and Welcome Back, Kotter all seem like shows that would lend themselves to being remade and haven't already been remade many times over.

9) Random question: Thinking about the last week, did you nag anyone? Or were you the one who was nagged?  I wasn't nagged and I don't think I did any nagging, but I did ask my husband about something twice. He might call that nagging. LOL

July 9, 2020

Thankful Thursday

Man, it's a hot one. Like 7-inches from the mid-day sun.

Linking up this morning with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand for the the most positive thing happening on the internet these days...Thankful Thursday!

This week I am thankful... 

** (can't say it often enough in this heat) for good air conditioning. How the heck did we survive back in the days when hardly anyone but businesses had it?

** for a fun night of tacos, fellowship, and prayer with my Bible study group. Some just got back in town from vacations, many are going to be gone next week. So we just got together to catch up, chat, and offer up prayers for everything that's going on.

** the sports injury clinic was able to fit me in for an appointment this week if I didn't mind seeing the PA. I didn't. The good news is that there isn't anything major or unfixable wrong with my leg. I have a severly inflamed IT band (a thick bundle of "fibers" that runs from the hip to the outside of the knee and hooks on to the top of the shin bone). X-rays showed slight arthritis in the lower spine (knew that) and hip (didn't know, but figured since I seem to have it everywhere) and moderate arthritis in the knee (good news that there isn't anything worse going on there).

I start physical therapy to try and loosen up the IT band on Friday and they gave me a prescription for a topical pain cream. If pt doesn't help the other option will be steroid shots in the hip.

** for an unexpected lunch out with Megan, the kiddos, my sister-in-law, a niece, and her kids yesterday...and my sister-in-law kindly picked up the tab. So nice of her! We don't get together with Tim's family much so it was nice to see some of them.

** that the news' reporting of restaurants and bars being closed down again in our county starting today, seems to have been false. Neither the governor nor the secretary of health as said anything. Not sure why the news reported it as being so, but talk about throwing the business community into an uproar! It may come yet, but it will come with a timetable and clear plan...not just a deadline. I hope the news outlets have learned a lesson, but I won't hold my breath.

** we've had rain, glorious rain, two days in a row! Tuesday we had a couple of hours of good steady rain and last night we got one good dump. We still need more. Everything is so dang dry. Everyone's yards are brown and crunchy. We are ripe for forest or field fires to start, but so far we have been blessed...especially with all the folks who set off their own fireworks on the 4th.

** that when it rained on Tuesday we didn't get the same storms that hit on the other side of Pittsburgh. One area got upwards of 5 inches of rain in just a couple of hours! Flash floods were a big problem.

** to have been able to picnic with my mom, stepdad, Megan and her family on the 4th. It sure didn't feel like normal with everything cancelled, our son's family away, and the oppresive heat...but it was good that we were together and enjoyed a meal of steak, taco salad, grilled potatoes and onions, and a red, white and blue dessert I made.

** to Mom and John for buying the steaks for everyone.

** for the joy spending time with Colton and Leah brings me. Many reasons contributed to us not having close relationships with our other two grandchildren and that makes me sad, but what I now have with these two is a precious gift that I cannot thank the Lord for often enough. 

** we live in an area that is largely unaffected by the ugliness we see happening on the news or read about on social media. When I get tired of hearing it or seeing it, I can just turn off the electronics and escape. I did that for most of yesterday and felt the better for it.

** for the blessing and priviledge of being born an American. For all her faults, this is still the best country, the country with the most freedoms, the country with the most opportunities.

** for a loving, forgiving, merciful God who is always and will always be in control of what is going on in this world. 

** as always, for each on of you!

July 8, 2020

Sorry, We're Closed (the moose out front should have told you)

Taking a break today. Sometimes you just need to turn off the internet and stop listening to the crazy. See you tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!

** The title is a reference to National Lampoon's Vacation. It's what the guard at Wally World tells the Griswolds.

July 7, 2020

Tuesday 4: Housekeeping

Actual footage of me enduring today's humidity....

Today's Tuesday 4 topic is....housekeeping. Thanks to Annie for the questions.

1. What do you  consider the most important job or chore to do in housekeeping?  Keeping the kitchen and bathrooms clean. Those are the rooms where you don't want any nasties accumulating or breeding. Laundry would be second on the list because you can't go to work naked. Well, you could but it probably wouldn't go over very well. As for dusting, sweeping, decluttering...I'm kind of relaxed on that. I do it when it seems to need done. I don't have a cleaning day (always Saturday) like there was when I was growing up or certain days for certain chores.

2.  Do dishes ever sit over night in your sink?  By the time Tim gets home and we have dinner it's usually close to 8:00. I rinse the dishes, put what goes in the dishwasher in the dishwasher, but the rest waits until morning. The Fly Lady (remember her) would be so ashamed. One of her main rules was to clean and shine the sink at night.

3. Is being a stay at home mom a real career?  I think it can be, but in today's world I've seen quite a few stay at home moms who don't put much effort into their children or their home. I don't recommend pointing that out, though. 

4. Can you share favorite brands of dish soap, cleaners, detergents or perhaps a tip on making house keeping easier?  Don't kill yourself scrubbing at a stubborn stain on the floor, wall, tub, sink, etc. Buy cases of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Those things will clean virtually ANYTHING! Oh, and this...this is a big tip!

July 6, 2020

Monday Morning Musings (Currently...)

Currently in Latrobe...

Wondering...WHY.CAN'T.I.SLEEP? I haven't been a great sleeper for a couple of years now, but lately....I might as well not go to bed. I stay up later hoping to sleep through till morning, but I'm tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable, and I cannot turn off my mind. When I do drift off I wake every so often, I wake up when Tim gets up, I wake up when Tim leaves, and I'm usually up to stay about an hour after that.

The weather...is hot and humid. Again. Today is supposed to be our 4th straight day of temperatures over 90 degrees. With the humidity, it is down in the deep south kind of "soupy." I am not a fan.

Reading...Finished Sorry I Missed You and started Little White Secrets by Carol Mason. I recommend the former. It was a very unexpected story and I ended up enjoying it very much after getting used to it jumping around to the perspectives of all the characters. The latter...not sure about it yet. It really hasn't gripped me yet, but I'm willing to give it a bit longer.

Processing...some of the things I've been learning and putting together from the little bits my mom tells me and now the little bits my father tells me. 

I think I shared that one thing I learned was that my father had paid child support until my mom got married when I was 3 years old. Mom doesn't know anything about that. The money was paid directly to my grandfather, who maybe just didn't want her to know or just kept it since he was supporting me during those years and didn't think she needed to know.

One of the more troubling things I've learned is that Mom was told by my grandfather that my father said he'd marry her, but it would be a marriage in name only. It turns out that he said he'd marry her and meant to make a go of it, but apparently my grandfather told him or let him think that because they'd already broken up my mother wasn't interested.

I can't hate my grandfather and I'm not angry. I'm sure he felt that he was doing the best thing for my mom and me, but I am sad. He made choices for all of us without giving anyone a chance to make their own decisions. Even if Mom and my father hadn't gotten married maybe he'd have been a part of my life. What would life have been like if he'd been in it? 

Feeling...confined. It's just too hot to leave the house or get too far from the A/C.

Celebrating...that our son has texted me a couple of times from their vacation. That means we aren't completely shut out of his life. I'm grateful for that. He is my son and I love him, after all, even if I don't understand where he's coming from in the hateful, angry things he posts on Facebook...things I know he has to know will hurt all of us. I hope one day we can have an easy relationship.

Also that Leah let go and walked halfway across the room to me last night.

Watching...Yellowstone. I discovered we now have Peacock for free with Comcast and I can go back to the beginning and get caught up. Tim's not digging it, though, it's going to be something I watch alone.

Waiting...for the pool. Still. Tim's friend did come and level out the yard on Friday. We called the install guy as soon as we were sure the yard would be done. Now he says the week of the 13th. Soooo...maybe there will be a pool for Leah's party, but there won't be a deck. Just an A-frame ladder over the side. Not thrilled.

Adapting...to being part of a new family. My sister included me in group texts about my father's health with my brothers and a few others. My father called me today to tell me he was okay and to let me know how much he enjoyed meeting me. It's weird, but in a good way, to suddenly be part of another family.

Laughing at...

And not funny, but important to know in this heat...

July 5, 2020

Sunday Stealing: How's the Weather?

Good morning and happy day after the 4th! I hope everyone had a great day with family and friends and made the most of this "new normal" we find ourselves in. Today I'm linking up with Bev for Sunday Stealing.

Weather questions, adapted from Friday Five

1. Have you ever had a vacation ruined by the weather or did you just work around it?  Just once. We went camping when the kids were young down at Rocky Gap in MD. One night we had storms of biblical proportions...thunder and lightning crashing so bad the earth shook, winds, torrential rain. The air mattresses were islands in the middle of lakes...inside the tents! Megan was scared half to death (and the rest of us weren't exactly smiling) and she and I spent the night in the van while the guys braved it out in the tents. Stuff wasn't just wet in the morning. It would have taken days to dry stuff out. We just packed up and came home. We'd had enough.

2. What small changes do you feel people could make to give the planet a fighting chance against global warming?  Just live responsibly. Plan errands so you don't do as much running around, recycle, use things until they actually wear out...just simple stuff.

3. Are you adversely affect by the weather, such as SAD?
  Yes. Winter here in southwestern Pennsylvania tends to be a big, gray bucket of suck. I am talking days and days, if not weeks and weeks of gray sky, gray air, gray ground, and no sunshine at all...just heavy, low-hanging, gray clouds. It is a major downer and if it goes on long enough I will physically crave sunshine.

4. How is the weather where you are and have you seen drastic changes in it during your life time?  Right now it is very hot and humid...today's high was 95* (Saturday) and it's to be that hot all week. After about 3 years of spring and early summer being marked by monsoon-like rains, we are very, very dry right now. All the grass is brown and crunchy. Yes, the weather has changed since I was a kid growing up here. It used to be a rare thing to have heat like this. We also get ridiculously high winds fairly often and tornadoes and micro bursts are always a possibility when they used to be a rarity.

5. Do you think we can stop global warming or is it too late?  I believe we are experiencing climate change, I am not convinced we are experiencing global warming. It might have something to do with having been taught in the 70's that we were entering another ice age. The experts weren't quite right about that one.

6. What could you do for an hour or so today that you would really enjoy doing?  Reading, puttering in my little room doing crafty things, writing...that sort of thing. Anyway, I'm not getting very far from the A/C.

7. What could you do for an hour today that might improve your life in the future?  Exercise...but as hot as it is I wouldn't hold your breath.

8. What could you do for an hour today that could strengthen or improve a skill you would like to be able to rely on?  Exercise. I know some strength training or working on my core would help me a lot.

9. What could you do for an hour today that would make your living space more pleasant to live in?  Clean. It could use a good deep cleaning.

10. What could you do for an hour today that would improve your relationships with loved ones?  Focus on them, do something nice for them.

11. Do you like, dislike, or pay no attention to the wind?  I like a nice breeze, but like I mentioned earlier, we get a lot of wind here so as long as it isn't 60 mph or more, I don't pay any attention.

12. Do you have allergies or sinus made worse by the wind?  I think so. The allergist said no when I was tested. My doctor said they don't test you for every possible allergen so there's something that bothers me.

13. Have you ever been caught in a big wind (not a hurricane or tornado)?  Yes. Quite a few years ago on New Year's Eve we had winds that were clocked at 100 mph. We actually sat in the house and watched the walls move in and out with it! I've also been through a tornado and a micro burst.

14. When was the last time you flew a kite?  I have no idea. Maybe with my kids?

15.Would you like to have the power of flight? I think that would be pretty cool.

July 3, 2020

Saturday 9: You're a Grand, Old Flag

You're a Grand, Old Flag

Unfamiliar with James Cagney's 1942 version of this song? Hear it here.

1) The flag we currently fly, with 50 stars and 13 stripes, was designed by a high school student. When Alaska and Hawaii were added, President Eisenhower invited Americans to submit designs for how best to incorporate the two new states. Ike chose 17-year-old Robert G. Heft's submission from more than 1500 entries. Tell us about a contest you entered and won. (Or really hoped to win.)  I can't think of any contests I've won, though I'm sure I've surely won some minor ones back in the day. I'll chalk my forgetfulness up to being really tired tonight (Friday). Obviously, I've never won, but every year I enter to win the HGTV house of the year...well, except for the year it was a ski lodge in Vermont or some hideous wintry place.

2) The government also has another of Mr. Heft's designs waiting: one that incorporates a 51st star if another state is added. When you were in school, did you memorize the states and their capitals?  I suppose I did, but I don't really remember. I do remember going over them with my kids when they were in school.

3) Six American flags have been planted on the surface of the moon. Those are undoubtedly the flags farthest from you this morning. Where is an American flag flying near you today?  There is always a flag flying in the front yard, but I also have a couple of small flags tucked into my houseplants. Those are closer.

4) This version of the song was performed by James Cagney in the 1942 classic, Yankee Doodle Dandy. Have you ever seen it?  A long, long time ago. It's not a movie that seems to pop up on TV very often.

5) In that film, Cagney portrayed George M. Cohan, the composer of this week's song. In 1940, Cohan was honored by with a Congressional Gold Medal. In presenting him with the award, President Roosevelt specifically thanked Cohan for "You're a Grand Old Flag," "Yankee Doodle Dandy," and "Over There." What's your favorite patriotic song?  God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood

6) Though a performer his entire life, Cohan disliked listening to recordings of his own voice. How about you? Do you like your singing and/or speaking voice?  Not at all. My speaking voice is kind of nasal-y and my singing voice....let's not go there!

7) James Cagney won the Oscar for Best Actor his performance as George M. Cohan. Also nominated that year was Gary Cooper, who portrayed Lou Gehrig in Pride of the Yankees. Tell us about another movie about a great American.  Well, it's about a group of pretty great Americans. I really liked Hidden Figures. I had never heard the story of those women and how they were responsible for doing the math of the space program. They were some brilliant ladies.

8) As a teen, Cagney juggled high school with a variety of jobs, including bell hop and delivery boy, and gave all his earnings to his family. Looking back, Cagney was grateful that he had to begin work early, saying, "I feel sorry for the kid who has too cushy a time of it. Suddenly he has to come face-to-face with the realities of life without his mama and papa to do his thinking for him." Do you agree?  Up to a point. I think it's good for kids to have to earn some of the things they want, but it's also important for them to have time to be kids. My husband, for example, has been working full-time since he was 15 years old...and he worked on the farm and did other jobs before that. He doesn't really have any clue how to relax and have fun.

9) Cagney had a rebellious streak. His boss, studio head Jack Warner, nicknamed Cagney, "The Professional Againster." Cagney joked that he enjoyed earning the title. What about you? Are you rebellious?  When I was young I was VERY rebellious. My mom used to refer to me and my adopted dad as "a train wreck looking for a place to happen." These days I'm not rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious, but I will rebel if it's for something important.

Thanks to Crazy Sam over at Saturday 9 for the questions we love to answer!