April 16, 2021

Saturday 9: Don't Rain on My Parade

Saturday 9: Don't Rain on My Parade (1968)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Is rain expected where you are today?  I'm answering this on Friday evening and it rained nearly all day here, but tomorrow, Saturday, is expected to be dry. After two days of rain I'm looking forward to it.

2) In this song, Barbra Streisand warns everyone to not spoil her optimistic mood. What is something you're feeling really good about today?  Someone is coming to buy my husband's old truck and haul it away. It's been sitting dead in the driveway since last March. I can't wait until it's gone.
3) She sings that life is candy and the sun is a ball of butter. Which have you consumed more recently, candy or butter?  I confess it was candy today. I had to try KitKat's new Key Lime Pie flavored candy bar. I was not disappointed. It tasted just like the pie. Maybe not the best pie, but still pie.

4) This song is from the musical Funny Girl. It's based on the true story of Fanny Brice, who starred on Broadway, in movies and on the radio between 1910 and 1951. At the beginning of her career, no one thought she would succeed because of her unconventional looks, but she forged ahead, saying, "I make things happen for me." Are you focused, like Fanny?  I can be. Sometimes. About certain things. On the whole I'm pretty distractible.

5) When the stage version of Funny Girl was in pre-production, the part of Fanny was offered to actress Anne Bancroft, but she felt the songs were too difficult for her. Singer Eydie Gorme dropped out when told her husband, Steve Lawrence, could not play the male lead. Carol Burnett said she'd love to do it, but also admitted she thought she was wrong for the role. Running out of time and options, producer Ray Stark decided to give lesser-known Barbra Streisand a try ... and the rest, as they say, is history. Has there ever been a time in your life when you were glad things didn't work out as you'd originally planned?  A couple of old boyfriends come to mind.
6) Funny Girl was the top grossing movie of 1968. #2 was 2001: A Space Odyssey. Given the choice, would you rather watch a musical or a sci-fi flick?  It's no contest...a musical!

7) Streisand's favorite color is burgundy because it reminds her of when, as a little girl, she received a hand-knitted sweater as a gift and wearing it made her feel special. What color is your favorite sweater?  Black. It's a big, oversized, chenille cardigan with big pockets. Sort of my version of the Mr. Rogers sweater. I wore it over everything while I was at home this winter. It's so soft and warm.

8) In 1960, she began performing in New York clubs but she had a hard time getting work because she was only 18 and most nightclubs wouldn't hire a girl not yet old enough to drink. Do you remember your first legal alcoholic beverage? What did you have?  I was 20 when I got married here in PA where the legal age was 21. We moved to Florida right after we got married and the legal age there at the time was 19. So no big celebrations for me. I can tell you that the first legal drink was bought in a western themed nightclub in Orlando, but I don't know what it might have been.

9) Random question: How many people know the real you?  I think everyone knows the real me, but only a particular part of the real me. I try to just be myself in all things, but one person sees me as a co-worker, another as a fellow Bible study member, another as a cousin. Very few people in life see all of the sides of us. My husband is probably the only person who sees all my sides or at least close to it.

Thanks to Crazy Sam @ Saturday 9 for the music and questions!


  1. I think I will have to try that candy now that you described it. Oh I can think of one boyfriend too.

  2. Oh, I love your answer to #5, and I must say that would be my answer too. I am SO thankful God steered me in a different direction when He did. I don't know if I've ever seen Funny Girl, and now I would like to. I loved Barbra Streisand's music, but not her politics. I used to try and sing like her in the shower. I can do a pretty good rendition of "People". I think my husband also probably knows the real me better than anyone, but if you pay attention to my blogs, little by little you will see most sides of me. I think my blogging friends know me better than most people do in person, because I never share with them my innermost personal thoughts like I do here in blogland, and most people I know here in person never read my blogs. Kind of like what Jesus said about a prophet has no honor in his own country... LOL. I know you will be happy to see the old truck hauled away. I know sometimes our son has had old cars sitting around forever, and I am always happy when they are either sold or hauled away too. But then he usually finds another to take its place. It's a guy thing. Okay, enough. It is raining here today, but we need it, so I am glad. Have a blessed day.

  3. Our rain is set in for the day.
    I like your answer to #9.
    Have a blessed day.


  4. Farewell to the old truck! Next month I think I'm going to have the junk relief guys come and carry stuff away. I'm actually looking forward to it.

    I think it's cool that so many of us are emotionally attached to our sweaters. (I thought it was only me.)

  5. Your answer to #5 ... I love it. Yeah, old boyfriends can change our direction ...

  6. We're expecting rain today and I'm praying for lots of that wonderful stuff. It gets so dry in our little corner of SE Georgia. I hope y'all have sunshine today.
    I like BS's songs but not her politics. She has mental and spiritual problems to be sure.
    My first alcohol was as a very young child. Dad would give me whisky for some kind of ailment. To this day I dislike whisky. Yuck. I have a little dry white wine of the evenin's to ease the aches and pains. I sleep like a baby.
    I can think of multiple times I'm grateful God guided me away from something. His ways are so much better than mine, needless to say.
    Hope the truck gets gone for ya! I felt that way about our previous ride, the Honda HR-V. Couldn't WAIT to trade it. God is so good to open the doors for that to happen.
    I enjoyed all your answers. xx

  7. Hi Stacy. We had a rainy week, but the weekend will, hopefully, be dry and sunny. It was fun to read your answers in this post. I've always enjoy Barbra Streisand. She is sure one talented lady. You have a good weekend.

  8. I love the description of your sweater!

  9. Big grin, loving your last thought. P.S. Hey, I would 80% of my wardrobe consists of sweaters/winter clothes, sigh. LOLOL

    Have a great weekend, friend.

  10. Whoa... a Key Lime Pie KitKat bar, sounds very interesting!
    I turned 18 when they lowered the drinking here, it went into effect the month that I turned 18.

  11. Kitkats/key lime... OMG... I will have to find one and try it out! Love your answers! Happy Saturday!

  12. I love it when clutter gets hauled off. With our remodel, we really gave a lot of thought to what we did and did not need, and it was so freeing. You won't miss that old truck, I'm sure!

  13. I had not really thought about how people see us in different ways. You are right...so maybe not as many people know the real me. I like that answer. I agree with you on musicals too. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


  14. LOVE your answer to #4, Stacy. 🤣 Sad to say, a couple come close but I don't think anyone knows the 'real' me. Too much water under the bridge, ya know? That's OK, Mr. God knows.

  15. I enjoyed your answers, Stacy. I did it today, too. Joe knew me best just like your hubby knows you best. Our soul mates have a way of seeing us even better than we see ourselves, I think. Happy weekend, my friend. xo

  16. Goodbye old truck (I actually misread that as "bury my husband's old truck" and thought what ... ?) Didn't think about boyfriends for #5. Good answer.

  17. As soon as I read your answer about the old truck, I thought "Yep!. I SO GET THIS!" Getting rid of the old pickup is exactly what I will do if it's EVER my choice. I hate that little junker with a passion. I'm sure all the neighbors will cheer.
    My hubby was my first, and I'm glad we got to build a life together.


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