June 23, 2021


Here in Latrobe we are expecting a lovely June day with lots of sunshine and a high temperature of 74.  Pretty sweet weather, actually, though the pool continues to sit unused. 

Between having to build the deck and the crappy weather this month has had an abundance of...there has been no swimming. The deck, however, is nearly to the point of being ready. Tim just has to build steps to get up on it, which he will do this week while it's cool. Warm temps are coming this weekend (or at least we are told they are) so perhaps the stars will align and the pool will get used. 

Railing on the deck may have to wait a while yet.

I am reading...

Forgiving What You Can't Forget by Lysa Terkeurst. Who doesn't have at least one thing in their past that haunts them? Letting go and moving on is healthy if one knows how.

I am watching...

episodes of the old Fantasy Island show on Tubi. I love the fun campiness of it. How fun to hear Mr. Roark order "Smiles, everyone, smiles" and hear Tattoo call out "The plane! The plane!"

Today I...

had lunch at the parsonage with Pastor Kirt and his wife, Lynn. It was the first time we've been able to get together to sit down and talk. Having been through some very bad situations in previous churches, I am extremely cautious about finding the right church. I watch and listen and ask a ton of questions to see if the church teaches Biblical truth and if the leadership is on the right path.

I have been very pleased with all I've seen and heard in church and in the women's Bible study so I wanted to talk with Pastor and hear more about the church's doctrine and his own ministry and life. 

The time with this lovely couple was so much fun. We got to know about where we were coming from and found we have a lot in common. I especially loved that we were able to joke and laugh together while talking of serious things. Humor and joy are two of my favorite things. 

No red flags went up at all. I'm feeling pretty good about it and am 99% sure I have found my church home.

Work is...

sort of frustrating me right now. They keep telling me to contact the sister of a client they gave me a couple of weeks ago...and I keep telling them I am leaving messages, but never hear back from her. Yesterday they said they would call her. I still haven't heard anything.

Then I got a text from a mom who asked if I was still planning to work with her son. Uh...work had told me I wasn't going to work with him after all and that they would tell her. I called work in a panic and asked what was going on? Now they say I can work with them...if I want to. 

I told the mom I could, but that the day this week we had scheduled I couldn't do because when they said I wasn't going to work with them I scheduled something else. She said that was fine because she'd had to take off work because of a family crisis and that their schedule would likely be changing during the next few weeks as they deal with it. Okay. I told her to let me know if she needed me next week...and got no response.

The agency is beginning to seem rather unorganized and work is not happening. If it doesn't straighten out soon I am going to have to start looking at other jobs.

I really do like working with the one client I have, though. He is such a sweetie and his family is great.

In the kitchen...

I'm cooking as little as possible to avoid heating up the house any more than it already is. I did, however, make a peach cobbler yesterday since the temperature never made it out of the 60s.

Health worries...

Tim has reflux and has had an inflamed stomach in the past. I don't know if that's what's up right now, but his stomach is really bothering him again. The first time he had it we didn't know what was going on and he, of course, didn't see the doctor for quite a while. He was so sick over Christmas that year that we were all sort of afraid he was going to die.

He did see the doctor on Monday and was put on a new med for the reflux. He was also told he needed to be scoped again. Apparently, when he had it done a year or two ago, they saw scar tissue from the reflux and a growth. The doctor said he needs to get his behind in there to have it rechecked. We are waiting for the GU to call and set it up.

Also concerning, he skipped the meeting about setting up a sleep study. Now the  doctor says we'll deal with the gastro stuff first and then worry about sleep apnea...even though she strongly suspects all his chronic aches and pains come from that.

Keep him in prayer, please? He is so bad about keeping appointments and following through on treatments...because it takes time away from work. Sigh.

My weight...

is slowly going down. The combo of Ozempic and Adipex seems to be the thing. I really can't eat much or I will feel sick. I can live with that. I am currently down about 10 pounds.

On today's agenda...

this morning I am staying with Colton and Leah because Megan has an appointment with the allergy doctor. It is one of those 4-hour tests to see what foods she might be allergic to. They are trying to get a handle on her reflux and IBS issues.

Tonight I am working from 5-8:30.


  1. Keeping y'all in prayer. Cooler temps here this morning too.

  2. Hi Stacy. You, Tim and your entire family are in my prayers. I hope Tim and get some answers and solutions to his stomach problems. I will also pray that your job can work out, or that you can find another better job. I have wanted to read that book you are currently reading, so will be looking forward to see what you think of it. I am glad you had a good meeting with your pastor. Hope things are looking up for you all soon. Virtual hugs from UT.

  3. Oh no... I'm sorry your job isnt starting off on a good foot. That sounds like a really bad organization isue.
    I saw that book this weekend by Lysa & almost picked it up - I really enjoy her writing.
    I'm sorry to hear about Tim & his reflux - Ricky had such bad issues for years. He really watches what he eats & drinks & it helps so much. He spent years on that purple pill... I cant believe I cant remember the name. It was on the counter every day for years.

  4. So very sorry about your job situation not being very well organized. That sounds very frustrating after you spent so much time preparing for it. Praying things work out better soon or that the Lord leads you to something better. So happy you had a good lunch with your Pastor and his wife. They sound very special, and I am happy you have found this church. It does my heart good to know that it is a church denomination that I spent the biggest part of my life/ministry in, and that it is still a place you can trust to be solid and loving. That is good news to my heart. Praying for your hubby to keep his appointments and find out what is going on. Praying for good answers that can be helped. Also praying for your daughter and her tests. Sounds like tummy issues may be hereditary. Praying for her and hubby...and also you as you continue on your diet/medication. So glad it seems to be working and giving you the positive results. May the Lord bless you dear friend, and I hope you will all be swimming in the pool very soon!!!

  5. It's cooled off here too.
    When we were attending FBC in Blackshear (First Baptist Church), I felt like we were getting fed by the meat of the Gospel. I was enjoying the studies, one of which was by Lysa Terkeurst, and the comradery. When the plandemic and the subsequent hysteria hit, then the much beloved Pastor retired and we had to change Churches, I feel kinda lost in the growing department. FBC has gone downhill. We moved on to a new place that's much smaller and a different faith (Methodist) and I don't feel like we're being fed anymore. I keep praying about it but God keeps saying "Wait". So, we wait.
    Prayers that your husband will be well soon. Try giving up or cutting back on sugar / carbs. Sugar really is a terrible contributor to many health problems in our Country.
    Blessings. xx

  6. Hurray for a great meeting with the pastor and his wife! I'm lifting prayers now -- both on behalf of Tim and your job situation. They didn't make you sign a non-compete, did they? (Yes, I'm thinking of that one client you enjoy.)

  7. I'm so sorry for your husband's stomach issues. I have had issues since I was a kid. Nothing as bad as your husband's. I also have GERD and IBS. I recently started a supplement that works pretty good so far. I'm praying it will solve many of my gut problems.

    I'd give anything to have a swimming pool in my yard. My husband doesn't want one. Best I can do, is fill up a kiddy pool when it gets HOT. or sit in my tub! Oh well.

  8. Whew! I will be keeping Tim, you, and Megan in my prayers, Stacy. I am so happy you have found a church that feels right for you! Praise God! Nice that you are losing weight! I need to get serious about it again. xo

  9. I will have to look up the reruns of Fantasy Island--I loved that show!

    I hope Tim gets some relief soon!


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