November 28, 2021


The weather... 31 degrees and light snow.

Listening to... Jasper bat something all across the floor and Daisy grumbling when he gets to close to her. This cat runs all day kind of like a spider monkey on crack and then when he crashes, he crashes hard.

Watching... episodes of Swamp People on Frndly.

Loving... just about everything. The season and all things Christmas, my clients and the things they enjoy doing. Friday I had a client here at the house all day and taught her to make chocolate candies. I heard she took them to church today and shared them with everyone. Tomorrow I get to go to (now don't be jealous) the Night of the Living Dead Zombie Museum, located in the Monroeville Mall, which is where the Dawn of the Dead movie was filmed. Not my

Celebrating... a great afternoon at the local soup kitchen with some of the members of my small group from church. I discovered a woman I've known since we were kids is the main cook (she listened to God's call to retire from her job and take on the soup kitchen) and we all had so much fun sorting and putting away donated food, preparing today's meal, prepping Tuesday's meal, boxing up the meal, and passing it out. We will probably go back again. I may go back more often than that.

Thinking... about all that's coming up this month just at church, never mind everywhere else! A Christmas Tea, a Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve service, and more. And there are so many opportunities to do good for others. It is an especially big blessing to be part of a church again at this time of year!

Feeling... happy. Just plain old happy.

Celebrating... I can't think of anything beyond the season.

Grateful... that Leah wasn't seriously hurt last night when she fell and smacked her forehead off the corner of the coffee table (at her house, not here). Megan called me to go look at her because it immediately swelled up with a big bubble and was black and blue. It looked awful, but she was acting okay so I told Megan to just watch her. Today the swelling was gone and the bruise wasn't too bad and she was fine.

Enjoying... the cold and snow and being cozy inside with my family and pets watching movies and reading books.

A quote I want to share...

And your cake, too!


  1. Hi Stacy - so glad you had a good week and that everything is going well. I love that you and your group helped out at the Soup Kitchen. It's such a great time of year. Enjoy the week ahead.

  2. Ha on the last thought (graphic). Oh wait, who's on crack? (Grinning, I know, the cat, lololol). Have a beautiful day, my Currently will be up soon.

  3. Hahahaha on that last meme! Your mention of the ladies soup kitchen and the camaraderie that exists makes me think long and hard. Several from our Bible study group have done that to support the community's Loaves and Fishes ministry. I've resisted so far, but realizing all they've done for me these last few months, a change of heart's probably called for.

  4. That last quote is hysterical!

  5. Enjoy your snow it will be Sunny and 70's here. My cat and dog do the chase ever morning. Now I have to claim up. Thanks for sharing.

  6. We are cold here, too. The highs are only in the mid-70s and it is down into the high 40s at night! Cold for us!! LOL How great that your small group helped out at the soup kitchen! Can't wait to hear about the zombies!! I enjoyed your post, Stacy! xo

  7. Wonderful things you are doing, my friend. Love that you and your small group participated at the soup kitchen. That is a wonderful thing to do. Glad that Leah is okay. Those bumps are scary, but kids seem to usually bounce right back like nothing happened. We are the ones who are traumatized. LOL. You sound happy and busy and it's all good stuff. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Christmas season!


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