November 19, 2020

Thankful Thursday

In these crazy days we are living in, it's good to keep reminding ourselves of all the good things in life...and there are good things. Many of them if you pay attention. So, I am linking to Rebecca Jo today @ Knit By God's Hand for Thankful Thursday.

This week I am thankful for...

Anniversaries. Tim and I marked 36 years together on Tuesday. We didn't do a lot of actual "celebrating" because, Covid. He did come home from work earlier than usual and we ate together and watched a funny movie and a comedy special.


About 12 years ago, I think.

Us in August of this year.

Health. There's nothing like not having it to make you appreciate it. With Covid cases surging, we are once again staying home. Pennsylvania is one of the states with a renewed advisory on travel, gatherings, Thanksgiving dinners, etc. Every day the news is of more school closings, more cases, and rising death counts. I don't live in fear, but I am smart about things.

We are all on pins and needles waiting to hear the results of our daughter and son-in-law's Covid tests. On top of that, something else is going on with our daughter. She has been having severe back pain. A call to the doctor yesterday resulted in them diagnosing a possible UTI and phoning in a prescription for an antibiotic. No one would see her because of the pending Covid test. 

Last night the pain became so bad she drove herself to the ER and made them see her. (Her husband was with the kids and she didn't tell us because...Covid) While there they gave her 2 doses of morphine, which did not help the pain, ran a bunch of tests (until I talk to her today I'm not sure what tests), and found...nothing. They sent her home with pain pills and told her to try a chiropractor once she has negative Covid results.

Turkeys.braved Walmart to get groceries for the kids on Tuesday. Our son-in-law asked for a turkey since it looks like we will be celebrating separately. I promised to try but was a little worried since I had seen several people posting on Facebook the previous evening that there were no turkeys to be found. Hooray for Wally World...they had lots and lots of them! I was able to get them one and at 98 cents per pound I bought a ginormous 23-pounder for the freezer. I already had one in the freezer that we can cook if we are not together.

Exercise bikes (and the husbands who assemble them). I ordered a sweet little exercise bike from Amazon. It was inexpensive, as far as exercise equipment goes, it can be used as an upright bike or a recumbent bike, it has bands to exercise the arms, and it can be folded up and sat out of the way in a corner. I need to do something to get out of this Covid couch potato/slug mode I am in and the feet and leg are saying no to walking.

Grooming appointments. Daisy goes to the groomer this morning. Our groomer hasn't been taking on any new clients through the pandemic, but she has been taking care of her regular clients. My shaggy girl and I are thankful. Okay, maybe she's not so grateful. Grooming isn't one of her favorite things, but she does feel better after the deed is done. You can see it in her attitude.

"Grooming" appointments for people, too. I booked an appointment to get my color done for Christmas the last time I was there at the end of September. My appointment is Dec. 1. I am glad that salons are not being told to close.

Warmer temperatures. After several very cold days (we saw some s-n-o-w) it's warming up to 60 degrees today and the forecast is predicting temps in the 50s through Thanksgiving and beyond. While I do like cooler weather in the fall, I'm not ready for the bluster and chill of winter or the heating bills!

Friends. Whether in-person or online, I love and am blessed by, and incredibly thankful for all of my friends who are so supportive, encouraging and offer up prayers for my family. I'm so grateful for all the love, comfort, and laughter.


  1. Wow, your daughter went through a lot...
    So complicated to be sick these days!
    Great idea to get a bike. Walking gets harder and less enjoyable as the temperatures dip!

  2. Your poor daughter. I hope she gets some relief soon.
    Sadly... my niece was just diagnosed with COVID yesterday. She has diabetes so we're all a little anxious. The numbers are just up up up.
    I like that bike. I jsut sold a bike I had because since my surgery - sitting - cough cough cough - on little bikes isnt good. But I like that seat on that one.
    & LOVE your anniversary pics. I love seeing wedding pics. Congrats on all teh years together

  3. Happy Anniversary! How scary for Megan ... and you, too. I hope they get some quick reassurances. Our overnight temp of 38* doesn't compare to y'all, but I'm doing a happy dance. (Tom and the dogs, not so much.)
    Feeling grateful for you, too, Stacy!

  4. Keeping Megan in prayer. I just love your photos---both of you are such beautiful people.

    Don't get me going on the new rules. Work (#1 retailer) just came down with more rules for masks etc...I'm not ready to gripe about it yet. sigh.

    I am very thankful for you my friend.

  5. Gosh, I'm so sorry Megan is hurting so bad. Do please keep us posted and I will keep them all in my prayers! I got us a 'little' 15 pound Honeysuckle turkey for 48 cents a pound, and they also had lots of turkeys. No shortage here. I am thankful for YOU!

  6. I do hope someone can find the source of Megan's pain and that soon she will be better. praying also for negative Covid tests. Seems like it is taking a long time. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. I hope you will be able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with some members of your family present. I just hate that we have had to put off so many special occasions this year. So far we are still planning to have my sister and her family here with us, but that could still change between now and then. I bought two 15 lb. turkeys today and they are at my DIL's house as she will cook them in her oven so I can keep my oven available for other stuff. Plus with two turkeys we can have twice the drumsticks, thighs, breast, etc. Praying for your family now.


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