February 28, 2021

Our Weekend

It's Sunday evening and the weekend is nearly over. It's been a good one, though a very, very wet one today. I haven't heard the rainfall total, but it started raining sometime after midnight and didn't quit until around 2:00 this afternoon. With all the snow and ice that has been melting all week and now this, the ground is saturated and water is laying everywhere. Unless they've changed it, we have flood warnings in the area until later tomorrow. Thankfully, we sit on a plateau high on a hill and most water drains away eventually.

On Friday, Leah and I were supposed to have a day out together, but she woke up really early and went back to sleep just about the time we were supposed to leave. I went on my own and hit the thrift store for some books for my stepdad and Walmart for a few things we had to have. I ended up getting some Easter decorations, too. I decided to do an Easter egg tree out in the yard now that there are little ones around to appreciate it again.

Megan called me while I was at Walmart and asked me to meet her and the kids for lunch. We met up at the local Valley Dairy. It was breakfast food all around, though the kids were too wound up to eat very much. They were a couple of cuties in the bunny ears I got them, though!

I had expected to do some household chores and grocery shopping yesterday while Tim was at work, but he surprised me by coming home before lunch. We ate a lunch of leftovers and then drove up over the mountain to Duppstadt's Country Store. They have a little bit of everything there, but we went to look at workboots. Tim discovered back in the summer that he can get really good boots for a lot less than stores around here. I poked around looking at all the crafts, candles, and other goodies while Tim tried on boots.

On our way back down the mountain we stopped at an Amish bulk grocery store and an antique mall. We got a few goodies at the Amish store, but didn't find anything we couldn't live without at the antique mall. Our last stop was Walmart for some groceries. We picked up a pizza on the way home and Megan brought the kids over for us to keep while she and Cody went grocery shopping.

Today would have been a good day to hibernate...cool and rainy. That's not what we did, though. We loaded Megan, the kids, and all the stuff that needed to go with us into Tim's truck and drove an hour to go to our great-nephew's birthday celebration. Poor Colton was so excited about playing with his cousin, but got there to find all the cousins from the other side of the family there and he was just completely overwhelmed. They had built an indoor course for a Nerf gun battle and he just stood and watched. He was too shy to jump in the action. Leah was in a mood in spite of being the prettiest girl there in her new outfit...

She cried nearly all day and wanted Mommy to hold her all the time. We don't know what was bothering her. It was a really "fun" day. At least we saw Tim's sister that is my age and a dear family friend. Otherwise, it would have been a disaster.

Tim has been napping on and off since we got home and I finished reading another book about homesteading in Alaska. I wouldn't want to do that now, but I'd have loved to do something like that when I was younger. Roughing it never bothered me. I think I missed out on it. Tim and I often talk about how we wish we had really gone after our dream of living on a small farm when we were young and had the energy.

Oh well, God always has a plan and it's not always the one we expect, but it's always the right one in the long run. I can be grateful for that!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun or unusual?


  1. Hi Stacy, Sounds like your weekend had some ups and downs, but at least you got some family time. Your grandkids sure are cute. The book you read sounds interesting. I did a lot of reading this weekend too. Charly and I pretty much followed our dreams, or at least what we "thought" were our dreams, but I think that everyone looks back on their lives and wonders what things would have been like if they had made other choices. You are right though, God is in control and puts us exactly where He needs us. I hope you have a good week. See you again soon.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice weekend with family. Leah's outfit is so pretty! We had a quiet weekend and I got my Bible reading done and watched some Hallmark movies. I also spent a lot of time on my Sunday post. Lots of good questions and I added a lot of pictures of my parents, me as a youth and even an old boyfriend! Have a nice week Stacy!

  3. I enjoyed hearing about your busy weekend. Your life is very full with the family and the grandkids, etc. You are blessed. We used to dream about homesteading, and have watched the Alaska shows and thought about how much fun it would be, but again, that was then and this is now and reality is, we can barely keep up with our little bit of grass and home now. Homesteading is not for amateurs! But we love the sound of the adventure! We've lived in a lot of different kinds of places, and now I am quite happy to be retired and doing only what I have to do when I want to! LOL. Loved Leah's pretty outfit, and the kids with their bunny ears. Yes, you are blessed. Enjoy those kiddos!! They grow up way too fast.

  4. Your weekend had its ups and downs.
    Glad you could enjoy some time with family.
    I love your pictures of your adorable grand children!
    Have a nice day.


  5. I'm pretty sure Noah was going to stop by here this weekend with rain too.
    My dad used to find workboots at off the road places too for the better prices.
    I cant believe how big that little girl is getting!!!!

  6. Those kids are so adorable. I love the bunny ears!!! Glad you got to see some family and do some fun shopping. Have a good week.

  7. The ears ... *giggling* So cute! The kids are so sweet looking. Hold 'em close. They sure grow up fast. xx

  8. Don't you just wonder what goes on in those little heads?! I remember times with grandson Tristan where we just shook our heads at his reactions or lack of reactions. I always enjoy going into those little shops! Did some grocery shopping at Sam's Club today. Haven't been to Walmart in ages, but Sam's always calls me...


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