March 1, 2021


Our 40 degrees and breezy. It's gray and dreary, but after a round of rain earlier this morning it seems like we may finally be done with the wet. Good thing, too, the ground is totally saturated and water is standing in pools on top of it. There is most likely some localized flooding in some areas, but I haven't turned the TV on to confirm it.

I'm reading...A Light in the Darkness by Ruth Logan Herne, part of Guidepost's Mysteries of Martha's Vineyard series. Last night I finished Ann Parker's Follow Me to Alaska: A true story of one couple's journey from a cul-de-sac in El Paso, Texas, to an off-grid cabin in the wilderness of Alaska. I really enjoyed reading that one and Ann is on Facebook at "Follow Me to Alaska." So I am following her continuing adventures. The new book seems very promising even though I'm only a few pages in. What's not to love about a mystery at a lighthouse?

Listening to...just the hum of the dishwasher. I haven't been playing music much lately, which is odd for me.

Watching...Okay, you already think I have weird taste in TV programs, so this probably won't surprise you, but I've been binging on Ancient Aliens. I know, I know...a bunch of kooks who all think the answer to everything that has ever happened is "extraterrestrial visitors." It's not that I buy into all that, but I've discovered that in watching it I learn about a lot of previously unheard of (by me) ancient history from all over the world and they show places I've never seen and will never go. If you tune out the nuttier stuff, it's really interesting.

Feeling thankful...for blogging pal, Rebecca Jo's, update. It isn't the best news, but she is still fighting covid and hanging in there. I've been worried. Now I know how to direct my prayers. 

For a good visit with my weight loss doctor. She didn't yell at me for not losing. She's understanding about the stress and upheaval in my life right now with Megan's health and having to babysit a lot of the time. She doubled my Adipex dose and helped me come up with some more strategies to deal with the whole I'm-tired-and-I-don't-want-to-deal-with-cooking thing. 

And for a fun text chat with one of the newer members of my Bible study group. She can't always be with us for various reasons so I haven't gotten to know her real well. It was nice to just text about little things and get to know her a bit more.   

In the kitchen...lots of low effort meals. I'm liking soups, one pot meals, sheet pan meals, and I'm working up my courage to start trying the Instant Pot. (I've a life long fear of pressure cookers...too many horror stories told about the old-fashioned kind while I was growing up.)

Celebrating...the end of February. We're that much closer to the end of winter and spring! 

Looking forward to...getting my roots touched up and my hair trimmed up...just as soon as I actually call for an appointment. 

Today's agenda...the never ending cycle of laundry, walking up to my mom's house to see her new sofa (she ordered it on Amazon and it was delivered just a bit ago), reading, and honestly, I think a nap is going to fit in there somewhere. I'm sleepy. It's good that Megan just called to tell me she cancelled her dentist appointment...she's not feeling good, but didn't ask me to take the kids. She thinks she may be close to passing the kidney stone. Finally! Oh, and I'm going to call the store we ordered our new mattress from and see if they've heard anything. It's been 3 weeks when we were told it would be one.

Something funny to leave you with...



  1. Despite all my whining and wheedling, I was the same way about our InstantPot. Armed with a long wooden spoon, I probably resembled something out of an I Love Lucy episode. Now, it's become my favorite appliance. I never thought to check Amazon for furniture. Everything here is on a 14-week delay. Happy Monday!

  2. I hate trying to come up with meals for one. I eat way too much convenience/processed food because of it.

  3. Those books you reading sound interesting. I was glad to hear from Rebecca Jo too, but sad that she is having such a rough time with Covid. Charly gets his first vaccine tomorrow. We are just so glad that maybe the end is in sight. Vaccinations are going pretty quickly in our state now. We hope that Josh (healthy as a horse 25-year-old) can get one in April or May. Hope you daughter is feeling better soon. :-)


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