March 2, 2021

Tuesday 4

Hi and welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 kept alive in her memory.

This week's questions come from Pamela Steiner from Florida and the Open Doors Closed Windows blog.

Let's jump right in:


1. In what part of the country is your current home located? North, South, East, West, Mid West,
coastal, rural, city, mountains or plains?
  I live in southwestern Pennsylvania. I live on the outskirts/in the suburbs of a small town, my mailing address is in the town, but I'm just across the boro/township line so am governed by the township not the town. When I was young there were still fields all around my neighborhood. Those are gone, but I can be in farm country or the mountains in just a couple of minutes.

2. Why did you choose your present home, and how long have you lived there?  We chose our home (a manufactured home) when my dad was dying of cancer. He died before we got the house placed, but it's on the lot behind my mom's house. We did it to be close to her, to be there for her. That was 27 years ago. Had we known she would meet my stepdad less than a year after Dad's death, we probably wouldn't have moved here. Our dream had always been a small farm.
3. What do you like the most about your present home?  Mom lives behind us and our daughter lives beside us. Other than that, I'm not crazy about the house, but it's ours and we've been here long enough that it is home. 

4. If money were no object, is there anything you would change about your present home, or would you keep it just the way it is?  Oh, I have a long list. I want to add on a family room, remodel the kitchen, and turn our current living room into a dining room. I'd love to reside the whole thing in a pretty dark blue while I'm at it.

Thanks to Anne for the questions!


  1. #2 after my Dad passed away, we moved my Mom in
    with us. She lived with us until she passed away.
    Our home has lots of memories of loved ones.
    I enjoyed your answers today. Have a good Tuesday.

  2. I didn’t get my Tuesday 4 done. I started a book and read late. My Sunday post has lots of pictures and I need to send the link to my family since it has pictures of my parents. You are blessed to have your mom next to you.

  3. Pennsylvania is sunny but cold today, isn't it??! Have a cozy evening!

  4. You are blessed to have your Mom and kids close by. I know it would have been nice to have that farm, but apparently God wanted you where you are for a good reason. But you know, you aren't retired yet, and you may yet get your dream home someday. But in the meantime, enjoy the blessings of being close to those you love, as I know you do. Your home is cozy and welcoming and your grandkids are so blessed to have you right there. I would have so loved to have been closer to our only grandson when he was little. We missed out on so much, but it couldn't be helped. Now he is 21, lives in Maine, and we might talk once a month on the phone if we are lucky. But he knows we love him and we do the best we can to stay in touch. So anyway, enjoy your home and family...and God will bless you with wonderful surprises in the future...

    1. I can understand how you feel about your grandson. Our two older grandchildren only live an hour or so away, but things were always strained with our son and his wife even before he stopped talking to us so we only saw them a handful of times each year and as they got older, they got busier and it was difficult to find a time. It just wasn't a priority for our son. There were no video chats and very few phone calls that were always a rush of confusion on their we were interrupting something else. So even before we weren't seeing them at all we barely knew them. I still send cards and gifts to them so hope they know we love them. I've started to write them letters on holidays and birthdays and putting them away for someday. I told my daughter where they are and that if they never come back around while I'm on this earth, to send them to them after I'm gone. I want them to know we thought of them and loved them and I'm not sure they even get to keep the gifts or see them so I don't mail the letters. Yes, I'm sure God wanted me here...for this time. When we moved here for Mom, she met John just 10 months after Dad died and for years was barely even here. It's good we are all together now, though.

  5. How fortunate you are to be nestled close to your mother and Megan's family! To be honest, living that close to my mother in my early adult years would not have been pretty. Only when I grew older did that sound attractive, but then it became too late. Time is a thief.

  6. It's good to be so close to your mum and your daughter even if you don't have the farm you'd hoped for. Maybe it'll happen one day, you never know.

  7. How nice to be by your mom and daughter! I wish my mom lived closer. Josh still lives at home right now. Loved your answers! Have a nice week!

  8. Its good to have family around you. My mom lived with me for her last 10 years and my daughter moved in a few houses down from me. Thanks for joining in. I love reading everyones posts.

  9. I would love living with my mom beside me :) but we are close as relationship. Hope you have a blessed week

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  11. Adding a family room sounds like a fun plan!! Have a great week!

  12. It sounds like you have a reasonably good situation with loved ones near by. I have one relative here but on the other side of the city closer to the university.

  13. smiles...and I would love to have as farm near the ocean. How impossible is that? (more grinning)

    Have a beautiful day, friend.


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