April 22, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Joining in with Rebecca Jo @ Knit by God's Hand today for Thankful Thursday.

This week I am thankful...

** For a new job opportunity. I have been praying for God to lead me to a job, the job he wants me to have, a job that is perfect for me at this point of my life. I've been praying and I've been reading the online ads, but I haven't really been searching all that actively. I think a few times I even prayed that God would just drop the perfect job in my lap.

On Tuesday I got a phone call from my sister-in-law asking if I had seen a post she had shared on Facebook. I hadn't, so she proceeded to tell me about it. The agency she works for that assists adults with mental disabilities is looking for a van driver. Someone who would keep a van at home and pick up 3 clients and take them to where they need to go Monday-Friday and then go back to pick them up and take them home in the evenings. The actual work would only take about 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon...basically, the same schedule I had driving a school bus. She wondered if I would be interested. I decided I was interested enough to hear what they had to say and called the agency's transportation director and set up a meeting for this morning.

I wasn't there more than 2 minutes before the woman mentioned there was another job opening, but they just hadn't advertised it yet. They explained it to me. It is basically being a companion. Clients can go places but they need someone to take them and stay with them. The companion chooses who they want to work with and how much they want to work and how many hours per week, though hours are capped at 29. It also pays a good bit more than driving the van. They wanted to know if I'd be interested in that?

Um, hello...I'm pretty sure that's when I knew a answer to a prayer had just literally been dropped in my lap. God is so good! Anyway, I have about a ream of forms to fill out and a physical and all my clearances to get and training to go through, but then I will have a job again.

** My stepdad celebrated his 80th birthday this week. Between getting older, health issues, and Covid, he'd been pretty down this past year and was worried about not reaching this birthday. We haven't celebrated yet since it was in the middle of the week. We are taking him and Mom out tomorrow night for a nice dinner to celebrate his birthday and...their anniversary, which was the next day.

** We got the snow everyone else did yesterday, but the ground was warm enough that it never accumulated anything more than a dusting and that didn't last long at all.

** Dose one of the Moderna vaccine done and no problems. My arm isn't even all that sore.

** Lunch today with Megan, Cody, and the kiddos. Then shopping for a bit with Megan and the kids (Cody had to go to work).

** The faithfulness of God in hearing prayers and answering them, in teaching me exactly what I need to know when I need to know it, and for His abundant grace and mercy.

** As I always am, for each one of you!


  1. So happy for you with the new job! Your true-life story reminds me an Old Testament verse I keep repeating to friends who are struggling: The Lord said, "I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." You've just proved that, yet again! I love seeing the hope you have for the future.

    BTW, I had no ill effects from my first shot, but was sick for about 24 hours after the second. Of course, I had Covid, so maybe I still had some hard-assed antibodies, and I was Pfizer, not Moderna. But I wanted to give you the warning, and assure you that even though I had chills, muscle aches and fatigue for 24 hours, it was NOTHING compared to my six-week battle with Covid.

    1. I'm glad my experience encouraged you! I love the verse you mentioned and have actually been doing a lot of studying on trusting God's plan for us recently.

      They told me when I got the shot that with Moderna it's usually those who have had covid that respond to the first dose and those who haven't react to the second one.

  2. Hi Stacy. I also got Moderna, and did just fine with it, although I will admit to be a little tired and achy for a day after my second dose. I am so excited to hear about your new job opportunity! That sounds so perfect for you. God is so good! Happy Birthday to your step dad. Have a good weekend!

  3. So happy to hear of your new job opportunity! It sounds really good for you, and I hope it will all work out exactly as you hope it will. We will keep you in our prayers. I love how God puts things together in His perfect timing!! Praise God!!

  4. Congratulations, Stacy! Now I understand your comment on my post! I'm so happy for you! Happy birthday and happy anniversary to your 'rents! Enjoy the celebration tomorrow! Congrats on Moderna 1!! xo

  5. Congrats! God is so good and faithful!!!

  6. THAT JOB!!!! how incredible is that - sounds like something totally for you!!! I love that so much!
    I'm so glad you've had zero reactions with your first shot!
    All of this post is giving me smiles!

  7. How exciting! I'm over here doing a happy dance for you (and Terri). Such a great illustration of what happens when you trust God and listen to what He's put in your heart.
    Have a great time tonight!


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