May 3, 2021


The a cool 60 degrees with rain.

Reading...I'm still working on The Women of the Bible Speak, but have also started Welcome to Serenity: A Sweet Magnolias Novel by Sherryl Woods. (I love the Netflix series based on the books!) 

Listening to...rain on the roof and the neighbor's rooster.

Watching...we've been hooked on reruns of the old cop show, Hunter, as of late. It's on Peacock.

Thinking about...what I still have to get done to start the new job. Physical is scheduled. Waiting on criminal and child abuse clearances. Have to read and sign off on the handbook.

Feeling...good. Energetic, too. Lots to do and I'm rarin' to go!

Thankful...Colton's first week of school was a big success. He loves it!

Celebrating...Mothers' Day, like everyone else on the planet. Tim was going to take the whole family out for dinner, but has decided to get some good steaks and do them on the grill instead. There will probably be grilled shrimp, too, and burgers or hotdogs for the kids. I will get my mom the traditional hanging basket.

Oh, we're also celebrating that we heard, in advance, that there is probably going to be a shortage of chlorine for pools this summer. So we were able to get out yesterday and buy enough for the summer. I would not have been a happy camper if we couldn't use the pool again this year.

Recent Amazon purchases...

Looking forward to many lovely hours spent reading on this swing.

I ordered this to help Colton get over his fear of the big potty.

On the agenda today...
  • Setting up my new planner. I bought an undated Passion Planner because when the new job starts I'm going to have to keep track of appointments and be a lot more organized than I normally am. I'm also going to have something to plan for the first time in a year!
  • Work on reading the employee handbook. 
  • Clean up the kids' playroom and sort out toys they don't play with to send to Goodwill or the Salvation Army store.
  • Find a spot to store the box of all the Beatrix Potter figurines I packed up last week. It has to be somewhere they won't get knocked around too much even though they are each wrapped up like a mummy in bubble wrap. I would just DIE of overwhelming guilt if anything happened to them.
  • Call and bug the furniture store. Again. Ask if our new mattress is EVER going to get here.
  • Run the vacuum.
  • Make meatloaf for supper.
On the agenda this week...
  • Check in with the diet doctor tomorrow morning.
  • Bible study tomorrow night. Unknown at this point if it's online or in person.
  • Physical for work on Friday.
Leave 'em laughing...

Me, every time the cashier gives me the total.

Bahahaha! I love bad puns and I cannot lie.

I wonder if my diet doctor will buy this?

It's old, but I've never seen this one. Funniest Trump hair joke ever.

How it usually goes.

The book is always better.


  1. Oh I used to love that show, Hunter. I don't know what Peacock is - I guess another streaming service, similar to Netflix or Hulu?

  2. Loved the jokes. I'm still smiling. Good luck on the new job! Tell 'em to treat you nice or you'll release The Sparky on 'em. *giggle* Blessings. xx

  3. Love the swing! That putty chair attachment is awesome! Glad you got your chlorine stash ready for the summer! Colton liked school!!! Hooray! Have a blessed week! xo

  4. Love the swing!!!
    Hope you can enjoy it soon!
    Rainy up here today.
    But it is turning everything green.

  5. I love that swing. I want to get one for our back patio. I will have to check those out on Amazon. Hope things go well with the new job. The books you are reading look interesting. Have a great week and I will see you again soon!

  6. So glad Colton is loving school!
    That step to the toilet is genius!
    listening to Rain hitting the roof & roosters sounds like heaven to me.

  7. Nice that you are getting a swing. We have had ours since 2007 and I have held all my grands while swing in it. I hope it all works out with your new job!

  8. Hello there! I just happened upon your blog today from over at Susan's and thought I would say hi. I hope you have a good day.


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