June 17, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Hi guys! I am alive and well...just not posting. I just haven't felt like there was much going on. At least not anything interesting enough to post about. I've also been just busy enough I didn't want to commit to the memes and all the reciprocal visiting. Thankful Thursday with Rebecca Jo is my one exception, because... 

This week I am thankful:

** I'm finally getting to work a little bit. I'm spending most evenings this week with a young man who has cerebral palsy. He is a sweetheart and we pass the time playing games, talking, watching TV, and taking "walks."

** I also got to learn a van route yesterday so I can fill in when they need me to pick up a few hours here and there until I have a full client load. (Which is coming. Eventually. This is the end of the fiscal year and next year's monies haven't been released yet. It should get busy next month.)

** Megan is getting over her sunburn. If that's what you call it when you get it in a tanning booth. She put in 3 minutes in a standing tanning bed on Saturday. She didn't know her Cymbalta causes photosensitivity. This was the result.

This was from head to toe. Fortunately, she had silver nitrate and we gave her the Eucerin cream that Tim was given when he got burned at work. The pain is gone now except for in a few delicate spots and she hasn't blistered. 

** Because of how much she was hurting earlier in the week, I got to take Colton to his first dental appointment. We knew it wasn't going to be an easy appointment. Colt has terrible anxiety when it comes to strangers, doctors, new things, etc. Megan told me not to tell him where we were going so he had no idea until we got there. 

As soon as he got out of the car he stopped talking. He was "okay" until they tried to take x-rays. They gave up on that and we went to the exam room. The only way we got any sort of look in his mouth accomplished was by having Colt sit on my lap facing me. Then I held his hands on his belly and they tipped him back until his head was in the dentist's lap. Quickest exam ever! They did try x-rays again, but it was still a no-go. They said they try at his next appointment.

Colt made a complete recovery after we stopped at Chick-fil-A for nuggets and fries and then made a stop at Goodwill so he could look at the toys. (Yes, I've got another budding thrifter in the works!) He still says the dentist was awful, but he's already making plans for going to a different Goodwill store after his next appointment. Kids! 

I'm glad I got to share the day with him.

** I am humbled and grateful that the Lord used me this week to minister to two very dear friends, who also happen to be the leaders of my Bible study group. By way of background, they have been going through some things in their marriage for the past year and a half...dealing with things from the past that were never dealt with before. It hasn't been pretty and only a couple of us have been privy to what has been going on. I thought they had finally worked through everything.

Tuesday evening I arrived at Bible study to find that it had been cancelled, but the text had never come through. Myself and another woman were the only ones there besides our friends. We happened to be the only two who knew what they have been dealing with. It turned out to be an appointment from God.

Our friends confided that they were still struggling and the wife was at a place of trying to decide whether to stay in the marriage or leave. Yowzers! They asked us to listen to what they had to say, how they were feeling, and offer our counsel on the matter. 

Oh, my. It was so heart-breaking to listen to all those private things. I do not know how real counselors can do it day after day. Anyway, EVERYTHING came out. Years of pain, anger, mistrust, and the details...the very nitty, gritty details. I don't know if I've ever seen that much rage in the one or that much brokenness in the other. 

The other woman and I listened to it all, asking a few questions. Then we talked. We spoke scripture to them, prayed, and just talked as friends. We took their anger as we pushed buttons they didn't want to deal with. It was a long and painful evening, but...

The Lord used us to get through to them! By the end of the evening, they had come to a place of genuine repentance for their behaviors, had forgiven each other, and found reconciliation. What an amazing thing to have been a part of!

But I hope I am never called on to do it again.

** I am always thankful for all of you!


  1. Oh my word, Stacy, that sunburn! I'm disappointed the tanning salon didn't have anything in writing, warning their clients of possible interactions. I'm happy to hear your new job is going nicely. More so, your unexpected opportunity to counsel and pray for your friends. As Pamela might say, that gave me Godbumps! I'm sure it was emotionally draining, but still. Wow.

  2. That was a God appointment with your friends for sure. Glad you were not alone, but had another person with you. I often think, too, how do counselors do it? But praise God for the outcome.

  3. OUCH on the sunburn! Growing up in Central Florida, I've had a few doozy's myself. I hope Megan heals soon. Take lots of cold showers and don't scrub.
    That's wonderful that your job is going so well. That was kind to help someone with counseling. I just look things up in the Holy Scriptures now to see what God says about whatever and go from there. I keep reminding myself, we serve a God of going forward, not looking back. He calls us by our name not our sin(s). I have to do to remind myself of that often 'cause I'm so hard on myself.
    Blessings. xx

  4. You being there with your friends was definitely one of those "God things" Stacy! What a blessing for them (and for you) to be able to work through things with them. Bless you. Colton at the dentist... bless his heart. Mouth x-rays are hard for me, too. I gag the minute they put anything in my mouth and tell me to bite down. Love & hugs!! xo

  5. Wow, you have had quite a week. Sounds like you really helped your friends. I hope they can get some counseling to help them stay together. I'm with you - I would be emotionally exhausted listening to the problems of others. I have so many of my own to deal with. ;-) You are awesome the way you are always there for your family and friends. Virtual hugs from UT. Have a good weekend.

  6. OH my, How awesome is our God! I know you would never have wanted to be involved in such a difficult meeting, but God had you there with the right companion to be exactly what these people needed...Praise God that you are an open and willing child of God, ready to do whatever He asks of you, even without much notice. Yes, that was definitely a God appointment. Praying for this dear couple now, that God may truly heal their marriage and their lives completely. Wow. Now, that sunburn is just really terrible! I guess when a medicine says to stay out of direct sunlight, it means it. She is fortunate that she didn't stay any longer. That looks pretty serious. Bless little Colton's heart! I don't know anyone of any age who looks forward to going to the dentist! He was brave enough I think. So glad you could stay with him. How old is he? Call me ignorant, but I really don't know why they need to worry so much about xrays with baby teeth, unless there is obviously a problem already. But that's just my very unprofessional opinion. I had a bad experience with a dentist when I was very young, so I'm not a good one to talk about it. Praying for all of the above issues. (((hugs)))

  7. Wow! You are such a good friend. I'm so glad you were able to help them. Have a blessed weekend Stacy and you are right. There is always something to be thankful for.

  8. OH wow... you know, when God calls you to help friends its a blessing & a heavy burden to put on your shoulders... but sounds like God worked through it all - PTL!
    I'm feeling Colton in the dentist all the way to my soul - LOL
    THATS 3 MINUTES ???? That burn - OH MY GOSH.. that looks so painful!!!!
    I saw a van in front of me the other day that was an elderly transport service - I thought of you :)


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