July 26, 2021


Hello! And happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend that left you feeling refreshed and ready to face another week with a good attitude and a smile on your face.

The weather here is sunny, very hot (87 degrees), and humid. I'm looking forward to cooling off with our daughter and grandchildren a little later in the pool.

My job has me hopping again this week, but I'm getting a bit better at scheduling client appointments, so I have a bit more down time. 

I just got home after being out with a client from 9:00-2:00. The goal is to get him out and interacting with the community. We are having a tough time. Not only because of his shyness, but also because Mondays are the only day he is available and (due to Covid, I suppose) nothing around here seems to be open on Mondays. We talked and I think he's going to try to change his day off to Wednesdays. That would sure help.

I see two clients tomorrow. Both are easy and fun. I see two more on Wednesday and they are a bit more work, but still fun. Thursday I ride along on the van run one more time and pick up a van to use next week. Friday I begin driving the van run on my own.

Celebrating our granddaughter's birthday this week. We had a family party for her on Saturday. Sorry, but I am still waiting for our daughter to send me the photos. Her birthday isn't actually until this Thursday and she'll get to celebrate with her daddy's family that day. Her party was Troll themed and all pink, purple, turquoise, and sparkles...though the Troll cake was...orange? 

We gave her a balance bike. Yeah, we hadn't heard of it, either. It's the latest thing, I guess. It's a stage between tricycles and two-wheelers. There are no pedals and it's supposed to be better to learn to coast on it than to use training wheels. Anyway, she loved it!

I'm reading Forgiving What You Can't Forget by Lysa Terkeurst. My Bible study group decided to go ahead and do the whole study after watching the introductory video. I've ended up being "elected" to lead the discussions. It's an interesting read. Several people have said they found the book very freeing and not too painful to go through. I'm not sure yet where I will fall on that.

Church continues to feed an empty spot in my heart. I was very excited when we were given a schedule of all the things coming up in August. So many ways to serve, which is what I was missing so much. 

My friend didn't come this week. She said she will "drop in from time to time" and that she isn't the type to "get too involved." Such a shame. She doesn't know what she's missing out on in being part of a church family.

On a happier note, I asked my hubby to go with me next week and I think he might. It's missions Sunday. The team that was just in Mexico is going to lead the service and afterward there's going to be a fiesta! Mexican food and music. How fun!

Scored at the thrift store today. I found the same Sit 'n' Spin toy I was thinking about ordering on Amazon for the grandkids. It's different in that two kids can sit on it and you hook a hose up to it and it showers water on the kids while they spin. I thought it sounded fun. Anyway, it was $40 or $50 on Amazon. The sticker at the thrift store said $4.99 but when I checked out it turned out to be 50% off so I only paid $2.65!

Got a letter from my biological father today. It was nice to hear from him as I haven't heard much in the last couple of months with me getting back to work and him traveling north from Texas, visiting a couple of his other kids, and now they are in Maine. For a couple of 80-somethings they sure get around!

The place they stay in Maine is very primative, but they enjoy it and are having a good time. I'm a little concerned though that he admitted they are slowing down a lot and also that he is a bit concerned about his wife. She is a sweet lady and has had several strokes as it is. I don't know what will become of him if something happens to her. They are constant companions and I can't picture any of his children (including me) taking him in. Knowing him, though, I'm sure he has a plan that I don't know anything about.

My hubby will be home soon so I'd better go do something about dinner. Eating quick and easy tonight...pierogies and a salad.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Stacy - great post. Yes, It is sad that your friend doesn't want to get more involved in church. In that book, Alienated America, that I just finished, the author gives tons of evidence for how a return to church would help our society so much and give so many of us what we can get no other way. Glad you got some great thrift store finds. My hubby and I love thrifting. We visiting some small town thrift stores when we were on vacation and got some awesome things! Glad the job is still going well. You are really helping those clients you work with! Hope the week goes well. See you again soon!

  2. I enjoyed catching up with you, Stacy! You find the best deals thrift shopping!! I need to venture out soon and just look... Have a blessed Tuesday!! xo

  3. I had a similar score this week--I love bargain hunting.

  4. We got our twin grandsons those balance bikes for Christmas & our grandbuddy too :) They are loving them too!!! We get pics all the time with them on them.
    I bet you are loving your pool this hot summer season!
    Trolls - fun!
    Good find on the Sit & Spin. I used to LOVEEEEE being on that as a kid - probably why I have vertigo - LOL


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