October 19, 2021


I'm running late today. Colton was not feeling well this morning and running a fever. All the thermometers we used to check at home were giving very high readings...104-105...so Megan packed him up and took him to the ER. Thankfully, they found his temperature a good bit lower at just under 102. 

Of course all manner of tests were run along with the dreaded Covid nose swab (this is poor Colt's FOURTH swabbing!), which made his nose bleed. He sure wasn't a happy camper. The good news is that while we are still waiting the results of the long-term test, the rapid test was negative and all the other tests for strep and such were negative. The doctor said he is 99.9% sure it's not Covid and is just some viral thing. We are all really happy about that and after being dosed with alternating Motrin and Tylenol all day Colton seems to be feeling a good bit better.

Leah was with me all day (I have cancelled my clients until we get Colton's test results) so that when Megan and Colton got home from the ER they could get some sleep. We ran some errands and picked up lunch to eat at home. I sure do love that little girl, but she can be a real stinker and keeps me on my toes and running.

Now, on to what's currently going on.

The weather...is just right for this time of year. We've been having sunny days with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and the nights are mostly in the 40s, though Monday night it dropped into the 30s! Yes, the furnace has run a few times.

Reading...nothing. I finished up a couple of cozy mysteries, reviews to come, but work and life have been crazy lately so I haven't started anything new.

Watching...still watching NCIS: New Orleans more than anything, but also some fun Halloween movies on Disney with the kiddos, and a rather eclectic mash up of whatever catches my interest.

As for movies, I took a client to see The Saints of Newark yesterday. Um...I guess it was good for a movie about the mob. Totally not my thing. My client picked it. It's definitely a guy movie...lots of gory violence, swearing, and sex. It was kind of awkward sitting there with my client, but he really enjoyed it (he is 26 and very high functioning). 

A better movie was God's Not Dead: We the People. I saw that last week with my Bible study group and really enjoyed it.

Cooking...in all honesty, not much of anything because of how busy I've been. I did manage to whip up ravioli tonight.

Celebrating...that I joined my church on Sunday. After the bad experiences I've had in a couple of past churches, I am still just walking on air, wanting to sing praises and shout for joy because of what a wonderful group of people are there. I honestly thought I'd never find such a church.

Thinking about...a phone message I received today. On a whim I applied for a job online last night. It is for an aide/paraprofessional at one of the schools some of my clients attend or have attended. The woman who is doing the hiring wants to talk to me. 

The job is a full-time one, Monday-Friday from 8:15-3:15. The pay is a few cents less than I'm making now, but it's more hours and I wouldn't have to work any nights, weekends, or holidays. It also has a retirement plan and paid sick days and vacation days.

I guess I will at least talk to the woman.

Making me laugh...

My granddoggie's Halloween costume.
Don't you love the face?

I know it's kind of naughty, but these peeps
get major points for creativity!

That's all the news from here. I hope you are all well and having a great week!


  1. How exciting, the job's call-back! Like your finally falling into a wonderful Church home, that old saying is true: Good things come to those who wait. Prayers lifted for Colton. Oh, that expression on his face ... I can't even!
    I probably shouldn't love that last meme so much. But of course, I do!

  2. OHHH - will you be out for the summer at that job? Or is it a different kind of school?
    Poor Colton - he looks miserable.

  3. Oh no...poor Colton! I hope he gets to feeling better...and p.s. loveeeeeeeeeee the last graphic. lol

  4. Sure hope Colton's test is negative and that he is already feeling a bit better. Always a worry. The job sounds promising!! Do keep us posted! I watched the Saints of Newark on HBOMAX. Joe would have loved it. We both liked the Sopranos. I thought the movie was just so-so but it was fun seeing the casting they did for the younger mobsters. They did a pretty good job. Do let us know how Colton is and I hope sweet Leah doesn't get sick (or any of you!)!! xo


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