October 21, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Good morning! I'm linking up with host, Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand, to say thanks and share the good things God's been doing this week.

This week I am thankful...

** our grandson's longer Covid test came back negative, too, and he is feeling much better. Of course, Leah is now not feeling well, but IT'S NOT COVID. Thank you, Lord!

** I spoke to the woman about the special education aide job. I have an interview next Thursday.

** Mom's current Schnauzer was sick on Tuesday and they took her to the vets. After $700 of tests they had no answers and were waiting to get some answers yesterday...only to learn the blood test had somehow been compromised and they had to take Lacey back to have blood drawn again. In the meantime, Lacey, while still not herself, did begin to eat so maybe she is getting better.

** Tim has been taking Colton and Leah for walks every evening after work.

** for my new church family. I made it official this past Sunday and joined the church. Everyone was wonderful, warm, welcoming, and so encouraging. It was great to have some of my friends from the home Bible study group I attend there, too...and they discovered people there they knew! 

** the weather is finally starting to feel like fall! We've been enjoying cool nights and mornings. The afternoons have been warm, but that's going to end tomorrow as rain moves in and cools things off to a high of 53 on Saturday. Yes! Bring on the cute fall clothes!

** as I watch the morning news I am so thankful that my hope is in the Lord and not anything or anyone in this world.

** for every new morning to enjoy this life I've been given.

** for my family and friends.

** and, of course, for all of you!


  1. Tis the season for all the sickies for kiddos. Hope both the grands are feeling better & back to themselves soon.
    Poor doggie - Ernie hasnt been doing well lately & it stresses me out. I need dogs to talk & tells us whats wrong please.
    GOOD LUCK on the interview - that's so exciting
    & Congrats on the new church home. I know that's such a joy to your heart!

  2. Hi Stacy. So glad your grands don't have Covid. Good luck on the job interview. So glad you found a church home you feel comfortable with. That is so important. Have a good Thursday and a great weekend.

  3. Yay! for it not being covid. Hope the dog is doing better too. Hope all goes well with the interview. Have a great day.

  4. Praise God for the negative test! I'm so happy you found a great church to join! It makes such a difference! Hoping puppy is feeling better! Good luck with the interview next week! Do please keep us posted!! xo

  5. How great to hear of your babes' negative COVID results!
    Your poor Mom! It seems I worry more for the well-being of our furbabies than I used to with my son.

  6. Yea for negative Covid results. Sorry to hear about your moms sick dog. The prices of those tests is why we have pet insurance but even that is going up and up and with the price you pay monthly, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to just sock that amount away every month? Sure hope they can get to the bottom of it and its inexpensive and 100% treatable.

    I'm in between churches. I don't like it but I also don't like what is being offered. Many of our churches have gone the way of woke-ism. I just can't do that. I am really missing church, thankfully we do have fellowship with some friends we used to attend church with who also left.

    Sometimes I wonder...what this world is coming to.

  7. So glad the kids don't have Covid, and I pray they will feel better really soon. I am happy you finally joined the church and that your friends came to support you. That was really sweet. Oh, the teacher-aide position sounds good, and would be more regular hours I assume. Praying for you. God bless!

  8. Oh, that news will get me down like nothing else. There are days when I can't turn it off and just sit in front of the TV shaking my head and that state of this world. And the people in it.

    Glad your little ones are recovering. And the pup, too. We used to have a Schnauzer who had a very irritable pancreas. Couldn't tolerate much fat in his diet. We about loved him to death before we knew about his sensitivity...all feeding him scraps from under the table. Ham was especially hard on him. My then 2 year old fed him ham galore one holiday season. Poor Fritzi!!


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