October 16, 2021

Saturday 9: Livin' La Vida Loca

Linking up with the gang from Saturday 9 for some musical fun today. Thanks goes to Crazy Sam for the music selection and questions.

Saturday 9: Livin' La Vida Loca (1999)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Ricky Martin sings that he and the girl dance in the rain. Do you feel like dancing this morning?  Not really. I'm running on far too little sleep. Between my husband getting up ridiculously early for work and the dog having "fits" about our daughter's dog (we're dog sitting) having the nerve to exist...sleep didn't come easily and once I woke up I couldn't fall asleep again.

2) The lyrics tell us the girl prefers champagne. When did you last enjoy a glass of the bubbly?  It's been a while. Before this whole Covid mess began, for sure.
3) When Ricky first heard "Livin' La Vida Loca," he imagined  the subject of the song was a "Bond girl," the glamorous love interest of James Bond in the movies. Since 1962, there have been more than 20 Bond films. Have you seen any/many of them? Do you have a favorite Bond?
  I've seen many of the Bond films and enjoy them. Sean Connery set the bar high and most who followed didn't reach it (sorry Pierce), but (and I know many will disagree) Daniel Craig brought back the excitement, glamour, and sexiness.
4) Ricky tells interviewers that when he was very young, he'd sing in the family kitchen, pretending a wooden spoon was his microphone. Crazy Sam admits to lip synching into a black Magic Marker. When you gave imaginary concerts, what did you use as a microphone?  A hairbrush.

5) Ricky began working at the tender age of 9, performing in commercials. How old were you when you received your first paycheck?  I was 16 and spent the summer working in the Youth Conservation Corps.

6) Ricky does yoga to stay in shape. Have you ever tried yoga?  I have and those slow graceful moves are waaaay harder than they look. The first time I tried it I was dripping with sweat like I'd run a marathon.

7) Ricky is of primarily Spanish descent, with a little French mixed in. When you think of French cuisine, what comes to mind?  Snails. Sorry...I really don't know anything about French food. I do like escargot. A lot. When we went on a cruise 2 years ago I ate them every day.
8) Ricky once had his own restaurant, Casa Salsa, in Miami Beach. Have you ever worked in food service?  No
9) Random question: What is your best quality?  I don't know, that might be better asked of the people who know me. Maybe the ability to stay calm when things get stressful? Being able to forgive and not hold grudges? It's definitely not my domestic skills or a lack of procrastination.


  1. Not holding a grudge is a huge gift, and wonderful quality.

  2. Yes! A hairbrush gal!! I know nothing about French food either! Have a great Saturday!

  3. Oh, poor Daisy! (Sending her a hug!) S
    o glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys escargot; it's been years!

  4. EWWWWWW on escargot, my employer sells it. Nope, no thanks, LOL. I hope you have a beautiful day, friend.

  5. I never had snails, I wonder if they are like raw oysters?

  6. I am so glad you had that experience with yoga--I thought I was the only one!

  7. Escargot just does not sound appetizing.

  8. #7 ~ French Food is fantastic. They're real masters of pastry and other dishes. Snails are a lot like scallops. Very good.
    I enjoyed your answers but hope you can get some rest soon. It's awful, and unsafe, trying to function when suffering from sleep depravation.
    Blessings. xx

  9. Yoga definitely is hard. Even watching it I know it would be hard for me. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


  10. I agree with you about Daniel Craig. He makes a great Bond! Oh my, maybe I should try escargot again. I always include snails with oysters and okra as the three things I will not try again!! Have a great weekend, Stacy! I always enjoy my visits here! xo

  11. I had trouble with that last question, as you saw. Resorting to asking Alexa is always trouble! LOL. And then I asked a friend on the phone. Hope you get to take a nap!

  12. You REALLY like SNAILS that much???? I can't even fathom eating such a thing...oh my...but you can still be my friend. Just don't offer me any snails. OK? Thank you. Hope you survive the dog sitting. It's nice to hear from you and praying for you . I may have missed a previous post, so I need to check and see. Take care and God bless you. Is it fall yet in PA?

  13. I severely hurt my shoulder last time I got serious about yoga and joined a class that my friend a supposedly "certified yoga instructor" was teaching. I had to go to physical therapy and that cost a lot of $$$, so I now stretch, but don't really do "official yoga." Like you, I am also pretty good at forgiving and moving on...just the way I am - plus isn't that what Christians are supposed to do???. Some people in my family are major grudge holders. Sad and I don't get that. I hope you are having a good weekend and that the week ahead is a good one for you. See you again soon!

  14. Hi Stacy, nice knowing others like escargot. I had them on a cruise and enjoyed them. I was try them again. I hope you get some sleep. I know how important it is. Sometimes I wake up early and can't go to sleep. Usually because my arms and hands have fallen asleep or now the aching hip. Oh yes on Sean Connery, he was sexy even as he aged. I am pretty good at forgiving too. Have a happy Sunday!

  15. I hope this isn't a duplicate ...

    I've never tried escargot, but your glowing review makes me want to try it. At a restaurant, of course. Like you, I'm not into domestic chores and the prep and clean up with an escargot recipe is definitely beyond me!

  16. Are you doing what many are doing now, moderating comments? I'm not sure if this is a duplicate.. here goes!
    Oh yes, Craig is pretty dishy. I've loved seeing him in action in the Bond movies.
    I cannot eat a garden snail, but do like Abalone, another Mollusk. They are yummy!


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