December 8, 2021


The weather... is a chilly 25 degrees this morning, but we should make it into the low 40's later on. We're going into a warm up that will have temperatures in the mid-60's on Saturday!

Listening to... the 24/7 Christmas radio station in the car and in the house.

Watching... more Christmas movies.

Loving... being part of a church this Christmas. It is really helping me to stay focused on what's important and I'm enjoying the season as I haven't in quite a while.

Celebrating... nothing but Christmas at the moment. Colton's birthday is coming up next Monday. He will be 5 years old. How the time has flown!

Thinking... about Tim's health. He saw the doctor last week and was sent for a sonogram of his kidneys because the doctor felt that's where the pain in his side was coming from. We didn't hear anything until yesterday, but the sonogram shows a large stone in each kidney. The info has been forwarded to Tim's urologist (yes, he actually has one because he has had quite a few kidney stones and a large bladder stone in the past). I hope she will move on it quickly, but doubt she will with Christmas looming. So, the prayer becomes that the pain will not become so great as to ruin Christmas and Tim's planned vacation days...because you know when these things happen, it always seems to be on a holiday.

Feeling... annoyed with the kitten. I have never had one that is so....prickly. I can rarely touch him without being bitten or scratched. And he purrs the whole time.

Grateful... for my family, my friends, my church, my Bible study group, my small group, the Lord and my relationship with Him, and the way the messages at church, and in all my groups are echoing each other and building on the same thoughts.

Enjoying... the novelty of feeling relaxed about the holidays.

A quote I want to share...


  1. Oh no on Tim! And at Christmas too. Bless his heart. My husband tends to suffer from those too. Since we put in the watersoftner, though, they seem to be farther and fewer between. I guess he's had the stones checked for what's makin' them? With Steve it's the water. We have hard water (minerals) and the softner really helped him not develop any. Well, prayers for Tim's healing. I hope he's better soon.
    Did y'all get my Christmas card yet?
    Blessings. xx

  2. Hi Stacy. Prayers that Tim will get through the holidays without too much pain. I am glad that at least you now know what is going on with him. So glad that you are feeling relaxed this holiday and are able to focus on Jesus - the reason for the season. See you again soon!

  3. I love that quote!! So very true.

  4. How can Colton be 5 already?!?!? That's crummy about Tim's stones. I pray the urologist moves sooner, rather than later and he/you can fully enjoy the holidays!

  5. Oh no... not kidney stones... poor guy. Hopefully they wont give him big problems & the doctor will get in touch soon!!!
    & umm... 5? How does time fly that fast?

  6. A great quote. So sorry to learn about Tim's kidney stones. Hope something happens before Christmas (or he feels okay through the holiday). Prayers for that! A 5th birthday for Colton?!! Gosh, how did that happen so fast? Naughty kitty. Too much energy perhaps? Having a church makes a huge difference! I am so happy for you, Stacy! xo


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