December 3, 2021

Saturday 9: Got My Mind Set on You

Saturday 9: Got My Mind Set on You (1976)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) George Harrison sings that he requires money, patience and time. Which of those three do you wish for most this morning?  Time. Too much to do...cookies to bake for an event at church in the afternoon, a charity sale I'd like to hit this morning, the Christmas Tea at church, a client tonight.

2) This was long one of George's favorite songs. He first heard it back in September, 1963 -- months before the Beatles became an international phenomenon -- when he visited his sister in Benton, IL. Is there a song that reminds you of a trip you took?  No, I really can't think of one.
3) For years, George thought his birthday was February 25. When he was 17, he saw his birth certificate and learned he was really born on the 24th. His mother explained that he was born just before midnight on the 24th and she didn't get to hold him until early morning on the 25th, so she considered the 25th as his birthday. Do you know any interesting stories about the day you were born?  Other than it's also my mom's birthday, no.

4) When George was just 14, he met Paul McCartney on a bus en route to school. Tell us about a time when you met someone who ended up changing your life.  The first time I met my husband was at a job I had during my Christmas break from college in 1983. I was 19 and he was 22. Other than thinking his black hair and blue eyes were absolutely dreamy, my first memory is of some of the other guys daring him to try some hot pepper or something, him trying it, and then his racing to lie on the floor under the water cooler with the water pouring into his mouth. I wasn't exactly thinking this is the one! Ha! Oh young and such fun days.

5) Then 17, John Lennon was not interested in letting George perform with his band. He dismissed George as too young. Paul insisted George get a chance and the rest, as they say, is history. Tell us about someone who stood up for you and helped you succeed.  I don't know if anyone ever had to stand up in order for me to succeed at anything, but my grandmother was definitely my biggest cheerleader and always encouraged me.
6) In the 1970s, George took up gardening. He said that clearing away weeds and overgrowth helped him clear his head, and he was very proud of his jasmine flowers. What's your hobby? Why do you enjoy it?  I have several, but reading and antiquing are probably at the top of the list. Reading is relaxing and a good book can transport you to another place. Antiquing is like going on a treasure hunt. It's the thrill of finding that special thing and I love learning about the history that goes along with it.

7) He also enjoyed playing ukulele and encouraged others to do the same. George often gave ukuleles as birthday and Christmas gifts. What's the last gift you received?  Gift cards that were given to Tim and I on our anniversary last month.

8) At the Academy Awards in spring 1976, another George was in the news. George Burns won an Oscar for his performance in The Sunshine Boys. Who was in the last movie you watched?  Home, Sweet Home Alone on Disney+ was the last movie I watched. I don't know the names of any of the actors....oh, wait, Keenan or Kel? Whichever one of them was on SNL. He is in it.

9) What's the last thing you dropped? Did it break?  I have no idea what I last dropped. I'm a bit of a klutz and drop stuff all the time. It didn't break, whatever it was.

Thanks, as always, to Crazy Sam @ the Saturday 9 for the music and questions! 


  1. Giggling over the pepper thing...a coworker makes Ghost Pepper Sauce, and he came in the other day and dared us to try it...not thanks, I did smell it...gee whilikers, it cleaned out my nose, LOLOL. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  2. Antiquing is such a positive thing. You're keeping something out of a landfill and rehoming something that was once important to someone. Thinking about people like you makes me feel better about donating stuff to Goodwill.

  3. Ya, Time is a thief.
    I still think you and your mom sharing a birthday is the neatest thing! Your mention of antiquing underscores a feeling I've been having recently ... (that) I need to re-home an old thing. What exactly, I've no idea!

  4. I understand the younger folks aren't into antiques these days. I hope that changes, because let's face it, Ikea just doesn't cut it.

  5. How did you like Home Sweet Home Alone? Karl thinks there is no way it will be as good as the original, so we haven't watched it. Loved your answers. Have a nice weekend.

  6. The pepper story made me smile, and reminded me of these birds eye peppers we bought at our international market. All the writing was in Thai, so hubs decides to test one. He took a tiny little nibble and I thought he was going to explode. He turned red, his eyes were watering, and he almost fainted, I swear. Never bought THOSE again!

  7. I had to laugh at your answer for #4 meeting your husband!

  8. Wow the hot peppers was funny! We love to go to antique stores too! My husband and I like to go to Old Town Orange and hit all the stores and then have lunch. I think we need to go next week! Happy Sunday!


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