June 7, 2021


In Latrobe...

The Weather...is a cloudy 83 degrees and humid.

Reading...Antiques Flee Market: A Trash 'n' Treasures Mystery by Barbara Allan. It's cute. I picked up 3 books in the series at Goodwill back when my mom first had her knee replacement done. She read them and passed them back to me. 

Watching...Hope Island on Pure Flix (though technically I just finished watching...and darn, there's only one season), Buying Alaska on Discovery+, and The Upshaws on Netflix.

Listening to...the hum of the air conditioner.

In the kitchen...country-style ribs seasoned with a dry rub and covered in a sauce made from Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce and honey are doing their thing in the crockpot. I will probably make roasted potato wedges and biscuits to go with them. Maybe throw on some baked beans, too.

The weekend...

A Jurassic adventure with Megan and the kids.

One of Pittsburgh's big concert venues has opened up for Jurassic Quest on the weekends this month. At $49/car load, it was a bargain and the kiddos loved it. The only down side was 2 hours to get there and 2 hours to get home. Leah was well and truly over being stuck in her car seat.

Tim worked outside all day yesterday in the 90 degree heat. Colton helped him some of the time, but would get tired of the heat and come inside for a while. Tim was working on getting the pool pump running well and getting the water cleared up and balanced...while also digging post holes, setting the posts and starting to build the pool deck.

I went to church in the morning. One of the elders spoke yesterday and had a good message asking "Are you saved or are you surrendered?" He talked about how everyone who accepts Jesus's life, death, and resurrection as paying the cost for their own sin has salvation, but sadly, not all live a surrendered life. Some surrender more than others, but a dismally small percentage of Christians totally surrender EVERYTHING, every single area and detail of their lives to his leadership. Most of us have that one thing we don't want to give up control of. It may be a biggie or just a little thing, but it remains clutched in our hands. And that is not what God wants from us. He wants it ALL! Lots of food for thought there.

I finally got to meet the pastor's wife. She is supposed to text me at some point to make plans for me to have lunch with them. They asked about Tim and I having dinner with them and another couple or two, but Tim said no. 

Leah and I went to Walmart for a few groceries in the afternoon.

The job...is still slow going. I have another client to contact today to set up an appointment. I guess the agency is waiting to see how many hours that gives me before giving me anything else. They are promising me I will get 29 hours per week. I have to work that for 3 months to get half the sign-on bonus and six months for the second half. After that if I want to work less hours I can.

Today's agenda...got blown out of the water. Megan had to take her vehicle to the garage for some repairs (we were hit from behind a couple of weeks ago while out shopping) and they gave her a minivan to drive. Colton was so excited about it that he insisted they call me and go for a ride. We ended up going to Walmart, taking a long drive, and then stopping at a Goodwill in another town before finally heading home. Oh well, I'm in sort of a blah mood today so I'm kidding myself that I would have gotten a lot done if not for that. 

Things are going to cool down around here this week again. Not chilly, but back into the 70s and rain or thunderstorms are being called for every day. Not much sun, either. Just clouds, clouds, and more clouds. It's a way of life here. A few years ago we passed Seattle for the least amount of sunny days in a year. I wouldn't be surprised if we've held on to the title. Anyway, it was a given with the pool being just about ready to open. Maybe we will get lucky and August won't be cool and rainy this year.

Well, I am off to salvage some of my day and get a few things done before Tim comes home. Happy Monday! Have a blessed week!


  1. Looks like you and the kiddos and Meghan had a great time together. So much fun for the little ones. They don't seem to care about how hot it is, etc. I do hope you can get the pool up and running soon before summer goes by too quickly. And I also hope you can meet up with your Pastor and wife soon. I am sorry Tim doesn't want to go. Will be praying for him to want to participate with you at church, etc. The sermon sounds like a good one, and is so true. I enjoyed your post and seeing your smiling faces. Those grandkids are so adorable.

    1. Hi Pam! Thanks for the prayers. I've been praying a long time and welcome all the extra anyone wants to add. The weather is not cooperating with the pool at all...raining all day again today.

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend. The Jurassic Adventure sounds like a great activity to do with the grandkids. Your sermon from church sounds like a good one. I hope you can get together with your pastor soon and that you can get your job going the way you want it to. Have a good week. See you again soon.

  3. Always fun to spend time with the kiddos! We have a dinosaur attraction not too far from here. I took grandson Tristan when he was 10ish. He's 24 now! We pass it when we drive over to Tampa. Thanks for the update!! Have a good week! xo

  4. What a great time y'all have had! That's wonderful.
    We're gonna try and cook our own ribs. Food has gotten too expensive to buy already cooked. I hope we can duplicate that wonderful flavor we get from our local Hog 'N Bones Restaurant.
    Blessings. xx

    1. Food and everything has gotten expensive for sure! I hate having to go to the store these days. So depressing to find out how much the price went up since the last time! The ribs in the crockpot turned out great!

  5. Oh my gosh - I bet that Jurassic ride was so fun for the kids. - minus the ride :) LOL
    Tim sounds like Ricky - he's not a "lets have dinner" kind of person either.
    The hum of AC is wonderful right now!!!!

    1. Yep, Tim would rather do the physical work of a church and just talk to people in the course of that than actually do dinner or anything like that.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. That Jurassic ride looks amazing!
    Your crockpot meal sounds delicious.
    I can almost smell it!
    Stay cool. Warm and humid up here!


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