June 24, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday! Linking up with Rebecca Jo because there is always, always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

I am thankful for... a pastor and his wife who took time for a 3-hour lunch with a newbie to the church, patiently explained the church's doctrines, their personal background, and their vision for the future of the church. While being only 4 days from leading a mission trip to Mexico! I didn't insist, the lunch was their idea. God bless them, because I'd have been losing my mind with the preparations at that point.

I am thankful for... getting the property taxes paid this week. It's always a relief to have those behind us.

I am thankful for... all of our daughter's doctors who are working to help her overcome and deal with chronic health issues. Yesterday, I had reported she was seeing an allergist to find out if she had any food allergies. I was mistaken. That was the appointment she missed on Monday. Yesterday she got an iron infusion (I thought of you, Rebecca Jo). She has been anemic for some time and vitamins weren't helping. She rather enjoyed it and compared it to a spa day. It seems the infusions are given in the same place as chemotherapy treatments here. So she was happily settled into a reclining chair with heat and massage and they gave her headphones and music and brought her snacks and drinks.

I am thankful for... God's protection of little ones. Leah did a big ol' face plant on the sidewalk this morning. She scuffed up her little chin, nose and cheek, but the worst was biting her lip. It was hard to tell what was going on because...all the blood! And the crying. Poor thing was really shook up. We did finally get to take a look and it was just a bit lip and it did stop bleeding. No damage to her teeth. By the time she went home she was smiling and laughing and had a green tongue from the popsicle Nanny convinced her to eat (helped a lot with swelling).

I am thankful for... all of your prayers for Tim yesterday. He said he woke up at 1:00 the other morning in so much pain that he thought he'd have to have me take him to the ER. He didn't wake me up, though, and must have managed to go back to sleep because he said he felt great when he woke up. So maybe the new medicine? Maybe your prayers? Or maybe just a bit of both!

I am thankful for... whatever made me walk around yesterday afternoon with no shoes on. I usually always wear shoes or slippers in the house, but didn't yesterday afternoon. When I stepped into my office I thought the carpet felt damp, but I wasn't sure. I walked around a bit and even touched it with my hand. Yep, damp. Actually WET in some spots. 

It was coming from the bathroom shower, for which the access panel is located behind the biggest bookcase in the room. To get to it we had to move all the used books I have purchased and had stacked on the floor. Yep, the wet floor. Thankfully, only two books had gotten wet and had mold damage. I was sad about the loss, but it could have been worse. We also had to clear the books off the shelves so we could pull the bookcase out.

What we found was that it must have been doing a slow leak for some amount of time. The bottom and back of the bookcase, the bottom inch or so of the pine paneling, and the carpet are all wet and have significant black mold growing. Ugh. But again, it could have been worse. Tim has commercial stuff to clean and treat it that he got at work.

As for the leak, we can't find an actual leak. Tim thinks that those guys who laid the tile for me last year used mortar (or whatever it's called) to put the floor tile in the shower instead of grout. Which means it's porous. Which means the water eventually soaks down through it. Wonderful. Tim thinks he can do a temporary fix for right now, but sooner rather than later, we're going to have to rip the floor out and do it over.

I am thankful for... getting at least a few hours of work in. 

I am thankful for... the workout I'm getting every night I see my young client. He likes to go for walks. He is in a wheel chair that is heavy and not the easiest to maneuver. We walk up and down all the streets and alleys of his neighborhood. I'd say we do a couple of miles.

I am thankful for... getting back to perfect summer weather. Sunny, in the upper 70s and no humidity to talk about. Gorgeous!

I am thankful for... the blessing of each one of you who visits the blog whether you comment or not. You have become a part of my life with your friendship and I'm so thankful for your friendship, encouragement and prayers.


  1. Hi Stacy, I enjoyed my visit here today! That is really nice of your pastor and his wife to make time for you. Glad that Leah was not hurt badly. My cousin has infusions and she sleeps through them. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. You always have the sweetest thankful posts on Thursdays! God is so good!! I'm sorry about the leak and the loss of two books and possibly more. Nice that Tim is so handy! Prayers for your daughter AND for Tim and their health issues. Poor little Leah with her tumble - popsicle was a great idea, Grandma! xo

  3. That iron infusion must be really involved. Glad it went well.
    I'm thankful for you too. Always enjoy your posts well done posts. I can tell you're highly educated and cultured. It's a blessing to "know" you.
    Blessings. xx

  4. Wow, a lot going on here. So glad Leah is okay. That was scary. Glad you had popsicles to come to the rescue. I am sure that made her feel better. So glad you had such a good time with your Pastor and Wife. They sound really super. So sorry about the leak and the books. That is no fun at all. Hope it can be fixed quickly. Praying for your daughter and your husband and their health issues. Praying for you and your job and other things too...God is with you and He will keep you in the right place...

  5. Hi Stacy. Busy week for you and a lot going on with your family. So glad that Tim is feeling better. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon as well. It is a blessing that you were able to determine that you have some water issues. I hope you can figure it out and get it resolved quickly and completely. Yes, it is always sad to lose a book to water damage or anything else. I do feel your pain on that one. So glad your little granddaughter is doing better after her fall. Will keep you and your family in prayer. See you again soon.

  6. Hi Stacy!
    So sorry about the water damage. We had had that a few times over the years, and it is not fun. I am glad you caught it and can hopefully get it repaired quickly.Isn't it something that you weren't wearing shoes and were able to find it? God is good. Prayers, my friend.

  7. I am thankful you share your thoughts with us your readers. My hubby has food allergies it can effect so many thing in your life . Hope you have a blessed week.


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