June 8, 2021

Tuesday 4: An Evening Out

Good morning! I'm linking up on this humid, rainy Tuesday with Ann over at the Tuesday 4 for some fun questions and visiting between bloggers. 

Today we are talking about An Evening Out!

1. Do you enjoy an evening out?  It's been a while for most people. Do you have any plans made?  I do enjoy an evening out now and then. I'm not the "party animal" I used to be when I was younger, though. No plans right now. I think our most recent night "out" was a game night at the home of friends. Tim isn't usually up for a night out these days so they are few and far between.

2. What kind of activities do you enjoy? A movie, a concert, dinner, plays, walks? Are you in the habit of going out regularly?  I like all of those activities! I guess I was in the habit of going out in college. I went out with friends far too many nights back then, but then I got married at 20 and jumped right into adult life, making a home, and then raising children. Going out tends to take a hit during those years. So, no it was never a habit.

3. Ever had an unusual  or very interesting evening you would like to tell us about or plans that went off the rails?  I really can't think of anything unusual or that would classify as "very" interesting.

4. When you were dating what kinds of activities did you enjoy?  I was usually up for about anything. I liked active dates like hiking, canoeing and stuff, but I could be just as content staying in and watching TV. Most of my dating was done during college so it mostly consisted of going to parties or clubs to drink and dance.  


  1. Hi Stacy. Interesting answers. We don't go out a lot either. Like you, I married young - I was only 19, and today is our 42nd Wedding Anniversary. Have a great evening and I will stop by again soon. :-)

  2. I enjoyed your Tuesday 4! Lots of us have similar answers. Always fun. xo

  3. Grinning...we have to be related, smiles.


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