August 5, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Good morning! I'm up early and hoping to get my Thankful Thursday post posted before I head out to work this morning. I'm linking up with Rebecca, Leslie, and Jennifer. Thank you, ladies, for hosting our weekly thankfest!

This week I am thankful...

** we've been enjoying beautiful, comfortable weather compared to much of the country.

** my Daisy's back seems to be getting better. She's a toy Poodle, but is built more like a wiener dog...low and long. She's been prone to back trouble since she was a year old. Now that she is getting a bit older I worry the pain will end up being a constant thing. But not yet, not this time.

** filling in for my sister-in-law at work, while she's on vacation, has been going pretty well. The run that seemed so confusing when I rode along with her (love her, but she did NOT inherit her brother's gift for giving incredibly precise directions...they were ALL OVER  the place) fell into place with ease once I was on my own and I now know my way around our county seat very well. The clients she picks up are quiet and easy so it's a quick go every morning and afternoon. 

It's also worked out that I'm only seeing 2 of my own clients this week. 

** I feel like I'm hitting my stride with work, organization, and getting things done. It helps more than I could have imagined that I sat down on Saturday and hunted up two weeks of crock pot recipes, made a list of ingredients, and hit the stores for a big grocery run. Now I throw dinner in the crock pot when I am home between runs and there's a nice hot supper ready even if I am not going to be home. That is really making Tim happy. Plus, every third day is a leftover day. My next goal is to finally master the Insta Pot.

** I love Fisher Price's Little People toys for Leah. Colton is starting to outgrow them, but still likes certain things. I like how durable and easy to clean they are. I also like how often I can pick them up at yard sales or thrift stores. Unfortunately, the secondhand ones rarely have the people or other little pieces that went with them. (I always imagine they are in the same place the missing socks and bottoms to go with all those Tupperware lids end up.) 

Anyway, I scored the zoo and the animal rescue sets at Goodwill this week. Some cruising on Amazon turned up (at reasonable prices) a bunch of animals and a zoo keeper. I also discovered a lot more pieces for the nursery set I bought Leah last year. I'd never seen these before. They arrived yesterday and Leah loved them! Here she is feeding one of the babies. I was laughing too hard to get a picture of her trying to sit on the little potty!

** for a new phone. I have Boost Mobile for my cell phone so no contract. It's a pay as you go thing. Last month when I paid through the app a message popped up that my phone would soon stop working with their network. They weren't kidding. For the last couple of weeks I could barely get it to do anything. I need my phone for work so I finally had to admit defeat and go phone shopping.

I dread phone shopping. I have terrible luck. I don't think there has been a single time that I have ever spent less than 2 hours at the store getting things switched and set up...many times it's longer than that. So, what a joy and blessing it was that the little Justin Bieber look-alike really knew what he was doing and I had a new phone and was back out the door in less than half an hour! I thanked him profusely!

Now that I'm getting used to it (I got a Motorola-no need or desire for iPhones here-after having Samsungs since forever...and everything is very different.) I am loving it.

** for the things I'm letting go of as I work through Lysa Terkeurst's Forgiving What You Can't Forget. I've discovered I maybe wasn't as over some past hurts as I thought I was, but the exercises laid out in the book are helping to put things in the past and leave them there. I've also found that a lot of stuff really speaks to other areas of life, too. If you haven't read it yet, I really recommend it, and do yourself the favor of getting the workbook and doing it, too.

** the peace God gives me. While everyone around me is getting angry and imploding over all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now I can rest assured that it's all in the most capable of hands. God's. And I just need to leave it there and trust that He works all things according to His plan and for the good of His children.

** as always, for all of you, my sweet bloggy friends!


  1. Excellent thankful list. So glad you are doing well at work. It sounds just perfect for you. Glad to that the Bible Study is helping you. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Those Fischer Price toys - priceless. My mom still has mine & every kid that goes to her house still plays with it.
    Phone shopping is like car shopping - so intimidating. I got my latest one at Best Buy & they were great - they transferred everything over & made it so simple for me.
    I am still so excited for you & your new job & how well its all working out for you!

    1. My mom still has some of the older type FP at her house that the kids play with. I think they were from the flea market or yard sales, too. By the way, Etsy has TONS of the vintage Little People. You know, the ones that aren't safe enough for kids to play with these days. *eye roll*
      Ya know, I didn't have them transfer anything this time. Most of what I needed magically installed the first time I logged into my accounts from the new phone.

  3. Hi Stacy - my kids loved Fischer Price toys too, but when my kids were young, there was no Amazon where I could order missing pieces. That would have been nice. Glad the job is still going well. I will put that book on my "to read" list and look for it. I may just get a copy from Amazon. It sounds like it is definitely worth having. Have a good Friday and a good weekend.

    1. Sometimes Amazon comes through, sometimes it doesn't. When our older grands lost the baby Jesus from the Little People nativity, it cost $28 just for that one piece! Now you can buy the entire set for about $32, I think. If anyone else goes AWOL from Bethlehem I will just buy a new set!

  4. " the little Justin Bieber look-alike" BAWHAHAHAHAHAHA...Thanks, about spat out my Pepsi. Have a beautiful day friend. smiles

    1. He really did! The hat, the golden tipped locks, the earring...

  5. Oh, that image of Leah feeding her baby ... I can't even!!! So glad everything's falling nicely into place on the work scene. The meal-planning, too. The IP's becoming my favorite appliance, but ya. There've been some Epic Fails. Glad your new phone experience was a good one. (Obviously, it must not be Verizon.) When Tom got his new Samsung last Fall they just gave us a sheet of paper telling us how to transfer everything from the old device and showed us to the door.

    1. Nope, no Verizon. I LOATHE Verizon service and refuse to have anything to do with them.

  6. I enjoyed your thankful list, Stacy. God IS in control, you are so right about that! I am with Boost too and dread having to get rid of my Galaxy S8. I love the camera most of all and that will be my main focus when the day comes to make a change. No iPhone for me either. Blessings! xo

  7. Steve and I are using Motorola's too. They are so uncomplicated. Much prefer them too. I don't need something that will do everything but wash the dishes. *lol* Just wanna make calls, text, gotta couple of apps and take a few pictures. I'm good to go.
    Forgiveness is wonderful. It's Godly. I'm working on that too.
    Blessings. xx

  8. Love my iPhone At least six years old…time for a new one…I have traveled everywhere with whole family uses them…once I had my first one I felt worth it…my only phone…grands permitted phones when in teens saved to buy their own…I had students whose parents never expected kids to save and help…love your blog…you are a dedicated worker.

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