September 13, 2021


The weather isn't looking too shabby. It's a little cloudy this morning, but Alexa assures me the day promises only partly cloudy weather and a high temperature of 83. A little warmer than I like at this time of year, but a good day to spend the afternoon in an air conditioned bowling alley with one of my clients.

It's supposed to be in the 80s all week so we've held off on closing up the pool just in case anyone wants to get in a last swim before the water gets too cold.

I'm listening to/watching Fox News at the moment. Yesterday Tim found Police Woman on the Tubi app and we watched several episodes of that. It was interesting to see some of the people who were on it in their younger days before they had shows of their own. The guy who played the dad on The Wonder Years had a small role in an episode and then in a later one I recognized the actor who played Hunter in the 80s series. I knew he had been a pro football player, but not that he had been such a cutie in younger days.

I'm reading nothing in particular as far as books go. In my Bible reading I'm in the book of Isaiah. Man, the things God had to say about Israel sound awfully familiar. 

I'm praying for the healing of those with Covid. It is really ramping up around here at the moment. My phone was blowing up on Friday with prayer requests for church members who have been diagnosed with it. Fortunately, none of them are terribly serious and none are in the hospital. We also learned yesterday that our niece in Louisiana has tested positive. So far she only has cold-like symptoms. Her kids are upset, though, as they'd just gotten back to school following the hurricane.

I'm also praying for continued health as I'm hoping to visit my biological father and half-sister this Saturday.

I'm thankful the anniversary of 9/11 came and went without any further tragedies. I know everyone was worried and with good reason, so it's a relief that nothing happened.

In the kitchen there is nothing going on today. I have my all day client today and then at supper time I have a meeting with a potential new client. Tim is going to be late getting home today so he's okay with that.

I'm celebrating that Tim seems to be sleeping better and says he doesn't hurt anywhere near as much as he has been. He began using CBD oil and taking Relief Factor and Pure Nature supplements last week. 

I'm a little irked that he started them all right away at the same time rather than staggering the starts, so we don't know if any single one of them is what's doing the trick. Knowing that could certainly save us a ton of money. All three are pretty pricey with the CBD oil being the most expensive.

Making me laugh...

Happy Monday! Have a great week!


  1. I am going to send you an email instead of writing my thoughts here...
    ANYWAYS, Glad to hear Tim is doing better. smiles. I hope you have a beautiful week ahead. smiles

  2. I always hold my breath on 9/11 scared there will be more events.
    Praying for everyone with COVID - its so out of control here. We have Military in helping our hospitals because they're overflowing - setting up tents now. Awful.

  3. I'm still laughing at all the meme's!! Very good.
    And I like all your thoughts. Spot on.
    Blessings. xx

  4. That last one is hilarious! Our Pastor is preaching on Isaiah for a few weeks. Yes, it is tough and quite interesting. Love & hugs! Have a good week! xo

  5. That crochet one was so funny! I hope your visit with your dad works out.

  6. These memes are so great ... that last one has me in stitches.
    Thanks for the update on Tim! I'm still trying (unsuccessfully) to get Tom taking it. That or at least talk to his doctor about the sleepless nights.

  7. This was fun. Especially the memes...the last one...OH my! So true. Praying for your visit with your father and sister, etc. this weekend. Praying for good health and a wonderful visit. Praying for Tim to feel better and for you to figure out which med is helping the most. Take care and have a blessed week. Praying for those in your church and community/family with covid. Do they offer the monoclonal antibodies infusion there for those who are sick who haven't been vaccinated? It was a life saver for our kids. I wish they could have given that to so many others who died unnecessarily. Praying for an end to this thing. Take care and God bless.

  8. Great post. Its been a battle here in Louisiana but hope its getting better. Just in time for Hurricane season. Praying for health and saftey for all.


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