July 29, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Wow! Can you believe we've come to the last Thankful Thursday of July? Is it just me, or is this summer flying by...even though I've not done anything exciting or gone away even for a weekend? 

Yep, it's sad, but true, there isn't a vacation day or a beach in site. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise with what feels like another shutdown of life as we know it looming just around the corner. I'd hate to have a vacation planned and then lose out on it.


I'm linking up today with Rebecca Jo, Leslie, and Jennifer for today's Thankful Thursday. Thanks, ladies, for hosting!

This week finds me thankful for...

** Our youngest granddaughter, who turns 2 today. She is such a light in our lives and brings us so much joy. She is fiercely determined, sassy, independent, endlessly curious, fearless, and a ginormous tease/prankster already at such a young age! And just when you are at the end of your rope with her she will do or say the absolute sweetest thing and melt your heart. She is my mini me and a kindred spirit. If you haven't seen it on Facebook, this is a photo my daughter took of us lost in a movie. We were sitting the exact same way without even knowing it.

** A cool, rainy day. Even though it isn't raining yet. It's going to. They are calling for it. It's gray and gloomy with a pretty good breeze blowing and the air just has that feel it gets when rain is coming. I'm hoping we don't get the nasty storms they say are a good possibility, but the cooler temperatures are very welcome!

** A final ride along with my sister-in-law on her van run this morning. I am as ready as I will ever be to take over for her tomorrow while she goes on vacation. To the beach. Yes, she is really rubbing that one in! LOL

** Hitting my stride at work. This whole van thing is a bit of a quirk, but otherwise I feel like I've finally got a handle on how things work, scheduling, and I'm building relationships with my clients and their families or caregivers. I'm also loving it. It is such a good feeling to be able to brighten their day or teach them a new skill that will help them live more independent lives.

** My Bible study group as we work our way through Lysa Terkeurst's Forgiving What You Can't Forget study. We have been having some amazing conversations and discussion about it when we get together and the individual work through the week is awesome, too. It's not the easiest thing to work through since it pulls some painful periods of life to the forefront to be dealt with, but it's worth it for the fresh perspective and the advice she gives on how to let go of the past and begin to move on from those life altering hurts.

** Our doctor is going to see what he can do next for Tim and get back to me. He was scheduled for an endoscopy this coming Monday, but they called today and told him he'd have to pay $1500 when he came in! We can't do that right now so he cancelled the appointment. He needs to have something done as he's been having some symptoms that are making me really nervous and they wanted to check on a spot that was seen on his last one. 

** My poor pup finally got a haircut! She was long over due because I had put it off and then found out her normal groomer is out for surgery and doesn't know when she'll be back. Poor Daisy gets itchy in the summer no matter what, but this year it turned into a hot spot on her lower back just above her tail. Between those two things she was scratching and chewing and pulling her hair out all over the place. I washed her, used soothing shampoo, and brushed and brushed and brushed, but couldn't get it under control. She was a knotted up mess. I finally found someone local who would take her in. She's scalped, but is itching less and with all that fur gone I could really get at her hot spot to treat it. It's taken a few days, but the skin is finally going back to normal.

** All of you, just like I always am! You guys just add so much to my days. I love and value your friendship, encouragement, humor, and advice. You're just the bestest!


  1. Hi Stacy! That is such a cute picture of your and your sweet granddaughter. I love it. Glad the job is going well. I hope Tim can get the care he needs from the doctor. It is good that you have a doctor who will work with you. $1500 up front is a lot. I really want to get and read that book you are doing in your Bible study. Have a great end of the week. I always enjoy your posts. See you again soon!

  2. OH NO>>>> thats awful about the paying. I would cancel too but man, when you NEED tests, they should be able to try & make somethin work for you. Praying for a way around that cost.
    I am so excited for you that you love your job! Thats awesome!
    Happy Birthday to your little Princess!!

  3. Love the pic of you and Mini Me. *giggle* So cute!!! And she is so blessed to have you for a Grandma.
    $1500!? Wow. Yeah, we'd have to wait too. I hope the procedure can be done soon though.
    When we had Mini Schnauzer's I had to keep them groomed every week. I'm so thankful to have non-grooming doggies now (Jack Russell Terriers). I'm too old to keep up with that anymore. *lol*
    Blessings. xx

  4. I love that picture of your and your granddaughter. Hope they can get things figured out for your husband and I'm glad the dog is feeling better.

  5. Love seeing you and your mini-me watching the movie! So cute. Sorry Tim had to cancel that appointment. Hope y'all can get it rescheduled soon. I am really happy your new job is working out so well, Stacy! Makes my heart happy for you! xo

  6. My eldest grand girl (five grands..youngest 6) is 22 today…just graduated Purdue…

  7. I hate to hear about your husband being sick and having to cancel his appointment! That is terrible. I pray you both will be able to come up with a solution soon, or that the doctor's office will extend some grace to him as he needs those tests! I feel you on this- about a decade ago, my husband went through something similar sounding that was so scary. It all turned out okay, though he did have to have major surgery, but he's been fine since then. Prayers for you both! On a lighter note...I keep hearing about that Lysa Terkeurst book...I bet the study is great! We're gearing up to start Bible study again at my church and I am so excited. I love meeting and studying together. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I love that picture of you and Leah. So priceless, especially that you are sitting the same way. That is so sweet. Praying for your hubby and praying that he won't have to put off the medical test too long. I hate it when they have to have that money up front, and that keeps people from getting the help they need. Praying. I am glad your Bible Study is working out well. I know sometimes we would get stuck in our lesson because it would cause others to need to share things, but that is what we are there for, to encourage and help one another with the help that God has given us...it's a ministry that is needed. Glad you can participate. Please take care and may you have a blessed and wonderful weekend.


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